Why you NEED a Babymoon

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Taking a Babymoon, a holiday while pregnant before your baby arrives, has become so popular, it’s almost part of the pregnancy process nowadays.

And for good reason! Heralded at having that ‘last hurrah’ holiday before your baby arrives, it really is much more than that. A Babymoon is almost vital for the busy mama to-be (and Dads and younger siblings too!)

Just make sure if you’re flying anywhere, to go between about 18 and 32 weeks and get your Doctor’s OK. Don’t go anywhere too remote either, with about one in nine babies born prematurely.

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Here are some important reasons to book a Babymoon:


A chance to reconnect with your partner, and any children you may already have, it’s a great chance to get away from your daily routine, housework, work, bills (and technology!) to spend some quality time together and enjoy yourselves. Whether you already have children or not, it helps to unplug both yourself and your life for a few days or weeks to ‘recharge’ before your life changes significantly.

Removed from your home environment and day-to-day routine will give you and your partner a chance to talk about life, your newborn baby to come, make any decisions, enjoy ‘time out’ together and reflect on your soon-to-be changing life.

babymoon 8Vitamin D

It’s also quite common for women to be Vitamin D deficient when pregnant, and the best source of Vitamin D for mamas to-be is natural sunshine. Not pills, medication or solariums. In fact, depending on where you live, you may need up to five times the normal amount of Vitamin D when pregnant. Vitamin D is extremely important to help your body absorb the calcium it needs to keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy, and to grow and develop your healthy baby.

I had a Babymoon to Byron Bay when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby and it was beautiful. A lovely, week-long getaway where we ate lots of fresh and healthy food, slept-in, took leisurely walks and spent lazy afternoons in the sunshine at the beach. Just that one week was enough to restore my Vitamin D levels to healthy levels again.

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Low Vitamin D levels may prevent your baby from getting enough calcium and phosphate, which can cause your baby to develop weak teeth and bones. Vitamin D can also help your body to fight infections, and may help to prevent diabetes and some cancers*.

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Sometimes just a weeks’ holiday in the sunshine can increase your Vitamin D to healthy levels again, just like in my case. Try to get as much sun as you can without getting sunburnt, and wear sunscreen before you turn red or get burnt.

babymoon 5Mental Health

Escaping the daily routine of your household will also help you mentally relax before the birth of your baby. There can be a lot of pressure on mamas to-be from work, family, other children, finances and so on – not to mention a growing family – so it’s a great opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

Find somewhere you can get a massage, perhaps even a facial, a manicure or pedicure to really treat yourself and feel rejuvenated.

Leave your phone and iPad in the hotel room, take a swim, enjoy afternoon naps and try to relax during the daytime without too many activities planned. It’s the best time to rest and enjoy the calm (before your life changes forever!)

babymoonOverall Health

Babymoons should be a relaxing holiday as much as possible, where you don’t have to cook, do the washing up, clean or tidy too much. Eat as much wholesome, organic and healthy food as you can, such as eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and smoothies, nuts and seafood and plenty of water to feel good on the inside and out.

Take a break from your routine and eat outside, sleep-in, stroll through the bushland or gardens, take photos of wildlife and listen to your favourite music.

Go for leisurely walks, relax by the pool or seaside, read a book or magazine – whatever you do don’t make it too strenuous and make the most of your ‘time out’.

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Spoil Yourself

Many holiday centres, airlines and hotels offer Babymoon Specials that include added little extras like massage, three-course brunch and day spas, so look out for great deals that suit you. If you find a destination or hotel you’re interested in, why not ask if they offer any extras for expectant mamas. You might get lucky!

It doesn’t have to be a long break, and it doesn’t have to be far from home. The important thing is you take a break, and make the most of it. It might be the last one you get for a while…

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* Vitamin D stats source: Baby Health Centre  

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