The only (high) chair you’ll ever need

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As with most products for baby, not all high chairs are created equal. The ideal high chair for your baby will depend on lots of different factors including your budget, lifestyle and the amount of space you have in your home.

But what if there was one chair that would meet ALL these needs, and last from the baby years right up through childhood?

As far as high chairs go, it’s an injustice to even call this chair a ‘high chair’. It’s so much more than that: It’s a high chair for babies and toddlers, a dining chair for pre-schoolers, then children and then into the Tweens it’s the most versatile chair I’ve ever used.

Having been through three different high chairs to date, it’s a relief to finally find a chair that ALL my girls can sit in (my baby, my 4 year old and my 5 year old) while comfortably suiting all their height and growing needs.

Baby Marnie at 15 months sits at the family table with us while we eat. I have found that to encourage a good eater, self-feeding and eliminate texture issues or fussiness about variety, seeing us eat a variety of foods and feed ourselves really does help encourage a good eater.


My baby Marnie using the Leander tray, cushion and foot rest

But at her age she still needs a tray, back support and a front restraint so she doesn’t fall sideways or forwards. She also needs a chair that is high enough to sit at the table or bench where we eat.

The front safety bar clicks on and off easily and means I can leave her in her chair while I’m preparing her meal. Then I just add the tray once her food is ready to eat.

Being Scandinavian it has a gorgeous, curved design so it’s really a sophisticated piece of furniture, not an ugly plastic high chair (like my first one!)

At just 6kg it is very lightweight, even though it’s timber, and I can easily move it with my baby in it, from the kitchen to the dining area, and even outside to our deck when it’s warm enough to eat outdoors.

We have the Oatmeal colour so it perfectly matches our dinner table, so I don’t have to hide it away when it’s not in use as it looks like ‘part of the furniture’, so to speak. But there’s six different colours to suit every furniture colour.

imageAnd with a massive 130 kilogram weight capacity it’s going to last and last, and means we can have any one of our three girls sitting in it. Even when they get to 10, 12, even teenage years they’ll still be able to use it as a chair without any worries about it breaking or collapsing. You just adjust the seat and footrest as you need, even removing the footrest when they can reach the floor.


My eldest daughter Ava, 5, loves how comfortable the chair is.

Due to the stylish and articulate Danish design, it’s been made so beautifully that instead of just one piece of timber, it is made from several fine, narrow strips of timber glued together, so the chair moves, almost with a very slight bounce, when you sit into it. This makes it such a comfortable place to sit. And the more comfortable your little one is, the more likely they are to sit there without fidgeting  and just eat!

For me this is easily one of the most impressive aspects – the comfort of the chair. I’ve sat in it (as I’m under 100kgs!) and it’s just so comfortable – and comfort is a huge factor when your child will sit in the high chair for sometimes an hour at a time, three or more times a day.


Adjustable seat, footrest and removable restraint means the Leander is the only chair you’ll need.

Uncomfortable babies and toddlers will swing their legs, wriggle around, try to stand up or get out, throw their food and don’t eat! With the adjustable foot rest, comfortable curved back rest, cushion and gentle rock of it when you sit down, it’s not only a great place to sit for meals, but the perfect chair for activities at the table.

I imagine once baby Marnie get to toddler and pre-school age she will be able to sit in her chair to play with blocks, drawing and other activities where she can be high and off the floor.

If I HAD to pick a downside it would be that it isn’t a chair you can pack up and take away for holidays, to Grandma’s house and the like. On holidays away we have always hired a high chair very inexpensively anyway – and most places you go to eat have them readily available too, just make sure you give them a clean with a baby wipe first!

The Leander High Chair retails for $AU299 and is available from Danish By Design and ON SALE at Tinitrader.


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