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With such a great range of award-winning products The Gro Company is one of those trusted and go-to brands that parents everywhere can rely on. You probably already have a Gro product in your home somewhere!

Not only just for the practical and useful products like the popular sleeping bag range the GroBag and the SwaddleWrap, but other products you may not realise you need until you have a child, like the GroEgg and the GroClock.

Two of my favourites, the Gro Clock and the Gro Egg are so handy for your little one’s rooms, and you’ll use them every single day.

gro temp

Given to me at my Baby Shower when I was pregnant with my first baby, the Gro Egg is the most accurate temperature gauge I have used for my baby’s rooms. It is really important to know the temperature of your child’s room, especially before they are 2 years old when they cannot regulate their own body temperature.

Knowing whether or not their room is too hot or too cold to sleep in, means you can give them the proper bedding – blankets, sheets and sleeping bag for them to sleep all night.


The Gro Clock is such a fabulous idea, it just HAD to be invented by a parent! I actually don’t think any parent can live without it. You just set the time when your child goes to sleep, then the stars count down on the blue setting until it’s time to wake up when the ‘sun’ comes up and the clock turns yellow. It helps your child to learn the difference between ‘night’ and ‘day’, and eventually they will learn not to get up before the ‘sun’ is up. There’s also a lovely story book with the clock that helps explain to them how it works.

gro clock

How many times have you arrived somewhere for a holiday or getaway to realise the room your baby or toddler is supposed to be sleeping in is too bright for daynaps or going to bed at 7pm? So frustrating!

The Gro Anywhere Blind is one of the newest products that I have used but it’s so good, I wish I’d had it with my eldest two.

It easily attaches to any window or window frame with Velcro so you can easily make it the correct size, and suction cups to attach it to almost any surface. I love it – I have two and use them for all my kids whenever we’re not at home! A huge, dark and versatile blind, the Gro Anywhere Blind is great for weekends away, holidays or staying over at a relative’s house. Keep it with your portacot so you never leave home without it.

There is also a massive range of GroBag sleeping bags in lots of Togs (warmth ratings), sizes, colours and patterns for newborns right up to children who are ready for a big bed. The multi-award winning sleeping bags full range can be viewed here, and also check out the latest in sleeping wear, the Swaddle GroBag for newborn babies as well.

We also love the super soft GroFriends comforters that make going to sleep a bit easier for a grizzly baby or toddler – even my older girls love their Gro Comforters. Soft and cute little blankies with animal heads to keep your child company in the car, at daycare or in their bedroom. My toddler Marnie loves her Baby Bunny and her Ernest Elephant.

sleep bag

Check out the full range at The Gro Company’s website:


Our friend from GroCompany are offering Stylish Bump readers the chance to win this FABULOUS Easter Hamper with some of our favourite Gro products worth nearly $500! Containing everything you could need for a new mama or parent with a baby, it’s a fantastic prize that we can’t wait to giveaway!

The Gro Easter Hamper includes:

·        Insect Shield Grobag – 0.5tog – $59.95
·        Orla Kiely Grobag – 2.5tog – $84.95
·        Orla Kiely Swaddle Grobag – Owl Newborn, Light – $44.95
·        Grohush $49.95
·        Groegg $49.95
·        Groclock $59.95
·        Carrie Cat Breathable Grofriend $19.95
·        Gertie Guinea Pig Flat Comforter $16.95
·        Giraffe Teether Comforter – $19.95
·        Have a Giraffe Groswaddle $24.95
·        Be A Dazzler Grosuit – 6-9 months $27.95
·        Muslin 3 Pack – $44.95

Total Value $496.40! Here is my toddler Marnie with just some of the awesome prizes on offer!

marnie hamper

To enter, simply comment below why you would like to win this awesome prizepack from The Gro Company, for yourself, a friend, your partner or relative.

And check out your favourite products online at The Gro Company’s website: and follow them on Instagram and on Facebook

Competition is open to Australian and NZ residents only. Winner will be announced on Stylish Bump Instagram next Wednesday 12 April, 2017.

Good luck!


  • Michelle B
    April 6, 2017

    We are expecting our 2nd baby come end of June. A few of my friends have told me of the wonderful experiences they have had with products from the Gro Company…in particular the Gro Clock and Gro Egg. I have a few of the sleeping bags which we got some great use out of for my daughter when she was still in the sleeping bag stage, but the Gro Egg and Gro Clock are two Gro Company products in particular I have always wanted to try but never got a chance to with our daughter. The Gro Egg I think would be really helpful, especially in the winter months when room temperatures can vary so much due to indoor heating and the temps getting much colder in the wee hours of the morning. It’s great knowing that there is cute looking tool to help ensure that baby is dressed/covered appropriately for a restful nights (or at least a few hours at a time) sleep.

    Having a 4yo that comes into our bed at any time of the morning/night…having a Gro Clock I think would definitely (hopefully!) help get this next kidlet into a better routine in terms of when she should be staying in bed, and when it’s time to get up.

    In relation to all the other products on offer in this hamper…what a wonderful giveaway! Lots of goodies to help parents and bubs, particularly in their 1st year.

  • Mel S
    April 6, 2017

    To make learning fun, Groclock is the one!
    To determine if our nursery temp is just right Groegg we’d trust!
    To ensure that our daughter is sleeping, safe, snug and always covered, Grobag we love!
    To get a helping hand in getting her off to sleep, Grohush I need!
    For clothing that is practical for sleep, my little dazzler would look so cute in the Grosuit!
    This wonderful Gro Company prize pack suits our every sleep need.
    We’d get years of Gro out of it, not to mention lots of precious sleep. Thanks!

  • tania cruickshank
    April 6, 2017

    I would love to win for my new grandson born June 15 the products are so lovely xxx🐰🌼😍

  • Kaitlin
    April 6, 2017

    I would love to win this pack to give to my sister. She is pregnant with her first baby. Becoming a mom is so overwhelming and the items in this pkg woukd make life a little easier. These are quality items that any one would be so lucky to win :)

  • Shannon
    April 6, 2017

    My one year old loves her grobag and comforter and we have just found out there is another on one the way 😍, so time to stock up ready for double trouble x

  • Kelsey Bartlett
    April 6, 2017

    This is the most amazing giveaway!
    I would love any one of these items..!
    Big fan of the grobags for my Bub and would be great to have an extra especially coming into winter..
    I always recommend this brand to friends, so I may even be genourous and share the package..!
    Please consider me…

  • Jill
    April 6, 2017

    Would love this for my baby daughter so that we can make it through our first winter together x

  • Alicia Coyne
    April 6, 2017

    I would love this pack for my new addition in july. This is my 3rd blessing & i don’t have any beautiful baby things left as theres a bit of a gap this time xx these are my favourite brands & pages. What a dream come true & such a wonderful thing to do for mummatobe.

  • Lisa Campey
    April 6, 2017

    I would love to win this prize. I’m in need of a new winter sleeping bag for my son and would like to purchase a gro clock in the future. The other prizes would make great gifts for other Mums and bubs in my life.

  • Kirsten cain
    April 6, 2017

    I would absolutely love to win this special hamper because I’m having my first baby and I really don’t know where to start with products, brands and the whole thing. Ultimate package for a newbie Mumma and a beautiful baby. X

  • Amber Deweese
    April 6, 2017

    We would like to win the Easter basket because this is my little girl Serenitys first Easter and the basket is just the cutest thing we can’t find her a Easter basket with baby things anywhere.

  • Naomi
    April 7, 2017

    I’d love to keep my little Easter bunny sleeping snuggly in Gro Company products!

  • Naomi Townsend
    April 7, 2017

    I’d would love to keep my little Easter bunny sleeping snuggly in Gro Company products!

  • Leah
    April 7, 2017

    I’m about to become a new mamma and having a package like this would really start bub off on the right foot. I’ve heard great things about the gro company swaddle bags & clocks from other mammas & think the gro anywhere blind will be a godsend on family holidays we have planned with bub.

  • Grace Donaldson
    April 7, 2017

    This would come in handy with my sister, sister-in-law and myself all due in consecutive months starting May. E’d share the gro love xx

  • Jamie-Lee M
    April 7, 2017

    I would like to win this because as a new parent I have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing (let’s be honest here)! The Gro products sound like they would be ideal to help support me and my baby through our new journey.

  • Kerri Butler
    April 7, 2017

    My best friend is having her first Bub in a Few months and I would love to win this amazing pack to set up her nursery and Bub with all of the essentials for ensuring a smooth transition home with a newborn!!!

  • Rebekah
    April 7, 2017

    Would love to win this as a starter pack to being a first time mum! Everything sounds amazing and is so beautiful! No long novel is needed to explain why I would want to win this!!! :) xx

  • Jenna Mountjoy
    April 7, 2017

    I would so so love to win this fabulous prize from The Grow Company!!! 😀I am about to be a first time mumma!! Our babes due date is 26/04 ❤
    Being a first time mum I’m unsure of all the bits and pieces I will need. So I’ve only brought the essentials and have been fortunate enough to borrow some things from other beautiful mums. This Grow prize looks absolutely amazing!! If I don’t win this prize pack I will definitely be purchasing some of the products!!!!

  • Donna Mann
    April 7, 2017

    I would love to win this pack. Grobags saved my life with my daughter. She was a hardcore swaddler and these babies are the only thing that got us out of that pickle! Now 5years later and expecting our second I could certainly use some awesome products to get me through while my memory catches up on how to do babies again!

  • Lisa Greenem
    April 7, 2017

    I would love to win this prize. I am a first time mum ~ due October ~ after 2 years of trying including a miscarriage and failed rounds of IVF, we got pregnant naturally! We are so over the moon about our miracle bub. To win all of these goodies would make this exciting time even better ! Love all of the products xx

  • Pauline Petersen
    April 8, 2017

    I just love the brand and products on offer. I only started looking at baby stuff recently as I have been through lots of stress during my pregnancy (starting my business + living on the other side of the world from my entire family, who are back in France), this didn’t make it an easy time to enjoy growing a baby, with no emotional support and financial stress. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and realise I have nothing in our baby’s room. This giveaway price would be such a blessing and would help us so much.
    We keep our fingers crossed to see these amazing items in our baby boys room ! Thanks for this great giveaway and high quality products presented.

  • Holly Andrews
    April 8, 2017

    Our first baby is due in August and we would love to win this prize pack! (Baby agrees, kicks me hard as I type this!) It would be a huge help for our new little family, relieving a little bit of the stress of buying all these products. It’s very overwhelming and extremely exciting time being pregnant with my first child and it can be hard to know what to buy and how many of each thing to buy. I’ve only heard good things about The Gro Company and it would be great to try out all the products and to help prepare for the arrival of our little one :)

  • Hayley
    April 8, 2017

    I would so appreciate this prize! I have 8 weeks to go and I haven’t even started setting up the nursery!

  • Emma
    April 8, 2017

    First time mumma trying to navigate the new and overwhelming world of baby products! This prize pack would be an amazing place to start.

  • Anna
    April 8, 2017

    To pamper my scamper with this awesome hamper would make me and my family the happiest campers

  • Whitney Stanford
    April 8, 2017

    I would love to win ! I follow the gro company and have used them with my older children and haveing a beautiful 3rd daughter on the way would be amazing to finish setting up her nursery with some of your stuff to display :)

  • Kaitlin
    April 8, 2017

    I have the groegg and a grobag and i think they are fantastic for helping babies sleep. I would love to win this pack for my sister and her 3 month old baby boy Max, and then she can pass it on to me for my baby boy due next month. Its a win win for us both! 😀

  • Hayley
    April 8, 2017

    I would looove to win this beautiful hamper for my first little bubba…it took us 3 years to create this little miracle who is now 34 weeks, and I would love to spoil it with these fantastic products- I am new to them and as a mum-to-be and a midwife I’m suitably impressed with how great they are! I also love to post my ideas on my Insta-thenourishingmidwife and it would be great to review these as one of my first posts on my new blog I’m setting up! I’d be so excited to try them so I could comment from a personal experience! They look great!!

  • Renai
    April 8, 2017

    We would LOVE to win this pack, our closest family members are 1500km away, so we need all the help we can get with the impending arrival of our first Bub!

  • Mai Le
    April 8, 2017

    I will be a first-time mum in late May and would love this hamper as it will give me that little bit of extra confidence that my child (and any siblings he/she might have!) will be safe and comfortable well into the toddler years.
    We are also moving to a new home and I am so excited to set up a nursery that’s stylish and functional – the Gro products are both!

  • Amy
    April 8, 2017

    PICK ME! PICK ME! Id LOVE to win this prize pack. The Gro brand are quality products with the goal to help making being a mum that little bit easier. Most of these items are on my “want” list for our first baby due 6th September and it would be great to win and have a little extra money left over to spoil myself :-)

  • Janet vella
    April 8, 2017

    As a first time mother it’s so overwhelming on how to dress a nursery and have all the essentials for a baby . So this would be a great start using these amazing products that are on offer in the hamper . Goodluck to everyone x

  • Ainslie
    April 8, 2017

    I would love to win this hamper, being a FTM, I have no idea what products I need and these all sound wonderful. My partner is also struggling to find full time work and as such I’ve been accepting lots of hand me downs, a hamper full of new pieces would be so appreciated by myself and my new bub xx

  • Vanessa Rachwal
    April 8, 2017

    I would love to win this pack for my first baby who is due in July! We are still busily trying to get ready for her arrival and this prize would be the icing on the cake! Such exciting times ahead!

  • Fenella Blackmoore
    April 8, 2017

    I would love to win this for our second baby boy due in 3 months as we purchased the GroEgg with our first son (15 months old) after hearing about it through my mothers group after weeks of stressing about our newborns room temperature. Would love to have some of the ease taken out of having a new baby like the GroEgg did with our first son. Thanks, Fenella.

  • Louise wyer
    April 8, 2017

    I’m soon to be a first time mummy – who would really relish a treat from the Gro Easter 🐰 bunny!

  • Sheridan Hutchison
    April 8, 2017

    I would love to win the prize pack for my baby due in 8 weeks. We have been on a long journey to get where we are now and I want to give our precious baby the best start. I really think these products will help.

  • Belinda Patton
    April 8, 2017

    I love more than anything to support small businesses. I’ve been wanting to try out all of the gro baby items and thought this would be a good opportunity to do so.

  • Zoe James
    April 9, 2017

    I’d love to win this prize pack for myself. We currently have a 3yr old who isn’t the best sleeper and I’m due in 8days with number 2. I know how amazing the Gro brand products are and how much they could help us get some much needed sleep so I’d love to win some to help both our gorgeous children and my husband and I get some rest to make amazing memories during the awake times.

  • Katie
    April 9, 2017

    Our baby is due in just 3 days time and we’re not organised at all (house renos still underway). This would be a great starter pack for us!!

  • Carly Cunningham
    April 9, 2017

    With a toddler that wakes before the sun and a baby on the way, I can guarantee these Gro products will be used every single day!

  • Laurie Dunne
    April 9, 2017

    As they say… You’ve got to be in it to win it! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with our first and the list of things still to buy to prepare for our bundle of joy is getting a little daunting! It would be such a blessing to win this beautiful pack of goodies to help get us on top of everything <3

  • Anna
    April 9, 2017

    I’m expecting my baby boy (first baby!) in June and I would love love love to win this package because it’s the perfect mix of practical and adorable 😍

  • Steph Marsh
    April 9, 2017

    I would love to win this hamper as I’m finally pregnant with my first and beginning to set up the nursery.. these Gro Company products will be a fabulous addition to our nursery and for our Bub to be! Xx

  • Julia Uffindell
    April 9, 2017

    Baby number one is due 6 May 2017 and needs these stylish products in his/her life!

  • Annabel Hill
    April 10, 2017

    I would love to win as while all the Gro products are so in touch with what kids and parents actually like and need to make our lives easier, we are absolutely dieing (from lack of sleep ! 😂) to try the gro clock with our 2yr old earlybird, and have heard great things from friends.
    I’d also love to give the younger baby things to my brother who is just going into the crazy world of baby planning now. Thank you! ❤️

  • Jane Le
    April 11, 2017

    What a wonderful basket of treats for any mum!! As much as I’d love to win this for myself, I’d actually like to win this for my dear friend & expecting mum – Vanessa. Vanessa is the type of person that will always put everyone else before her. A few months before her wedding last year, she was given the most horrible news ever- she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She’s battled through it like a trooper and has thankfully kicked the cancer up the bum! On her honeymoon, she was blessed with her miracle baby! Little bubs is due to join us in June and what a treat this basket will be for him/her.

  • Cate
    April 11, 2017

    As I lay him down to sleep,
    I pray he rests without a peep.
    If he stirs throughout the night,
    Returns to sleep without a fight.

    Long interrupted nights go away,
    Hourly’s no time to yell and play.
    After a year this Mum needs her sleep,
    It’s time to go and count those sheep!

  • Louise
    April 12, 2017

    Michael and I are expecting our baby girl in June. As this is our first, we are pretty new to the concept of setting up for a newborn. We have purchased a few products, but it would be wonderful to have a pack like this to get us started with some good quality and reliable products.

    As we had only moved into our house a week before finding out about bub, things have been relatively hectic is the setup of the house and nursery. I am still working full time as a physiotherapist and any sort of assistance or baby information is greatly appreciated.

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