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As adults we can often underestimate the value of imaginative play. Yet playing is not just for fun, playing is a child’s way of engaging and making sense of the world. Encouraging play is SO important for your child’s development and learning.

The best way to encourage imaginative play for your little one? Have a dedicated play space just for them – somewhere they can imagine, make believe, play and hide away.

And that’s exactly how Cattywampus came about – creating clever, special spaces just for little humans. Remember how fun it was as a child to throw a sheet over the coffee table and play underneath? Away from the grown-ups and in a secret, small space just for you? Loads of fun!

Expanding on that love children have for building a tent or hiding under the table, Cattywampus have a range of stylish teepees suitable for children of all ages, perfect for imaginative play.

teepee 8

Imaginative play is most valuable to children when they are role playing and are acting out situations they have been in or something they think is fun. This type of play helps them with decision-making, teaches them how to behave and to practice important social skills. Children learn from experience, so they need to be engaged in imaginary play as much as possible.

My young toddler Marnie loves playing with her baby dolls in their cradle in the teepee, spending hours in their patting them to sleep or making them cups of tea. My older daughters Ava and Sasha love going in there with some big, comfy cushions and reading books or colouring-in.

teepee 7

Cattywampus teepees come in five different coloured fabrics that will match any home or nursery decor. With high-quality wooden poles and rope tying them at the top, the teepees are big enough to fit three children inside comfortably with a little window that open and closes at the side.

Cattywampus teepees come completely set-up so all you have to do is open the poles to stand it up and it’s ready to go. They are portable and lightweight, so they’re always ready for playtime in the lounge, a corner of their bedroom or playroom – even the backyard.

Our mission is to give children the space to unleash their imagination, their highest form of creativity, and the most fun they can have in their own minds.


Kids can close the front ‘door’ to hide away or have a sleep on some floor cushions, or you can tie them at each side to leave it open. There’s even a handy pocket inside so they can keep their special things safely inside.

Cattywampus Kids Teepee features:

  • Made of durable high-quality cotton canvas
  • Comes pre-assembled – no need to thread poles
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ties on the doors and the window

See below for a list of the 5 Things Play Teaches Children.

teepee 3

5 Things Play Teaches Children:

1. Social development

When children engage in pretend play, they’re actively experimenting with the social roles of life. When playing creatively with their friends, your child learns to co-operate and compromise, and it encourages children to participate in social activities and to understand social relationships.

2. Language development

Children can expand their vocabulary and experiment freely with words in their own space and time, without the risk of embarrassment if they use the words incorrectly. By pretend playing with others, children begin to understand that words give them the power to re-enact a story and to organise play.

3. Emotional development

Imaginative play allows children to express both positive and negative feelings. It also helps them to work through difficult emotions and to understand them.

4. Physical development

Children express themselves both verbally and non-verbally through imaginative play, using all their muscles and senses. Playing with toys promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

5. Thinking skills

Imaginative play stimulates mental growth by creating opportunities for trying out new ideas, ways of thinking and problem solving. In pretend-play, children face a variety of problems to solve, and they learn important thinking skills that they’ll use through their whole lives.

teepee 5

So, welcome to the land of make believe… a world where anything and everything is possible.

To check out the whole range of Cattywampus teepees go to https://cattywampus.com.au

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