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Too many women can suffer through their pregnancy assuming it is a natural part of the pregnancy journey.

Swollen legs and ankles, back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain and instability and vericose veins are just some of the many painful symptoms women experience when pregnant. The changes to our bodies are immense, and yes, often they are very natural – but they shouldn’t HAVE to be painful.

I have raved previously about SRC Recovery Shorts which I wore after my last pregnancy, recommended to me by both my Obstetrician and Pilates Instructor, to help your body to recover from childbirth. Designed in consultation with an obstetrician, these compression pants help muscle stimulation by providing gentle compression and light pressure to your pelvis, back and abdominal muscles, and they work absolute wonders!

But not as much is known about their other compression shorts, SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings to aid the pains and provide support during pregnancy.
Your body goes through so many changes when growing a baby, as I have written about previously in We’re Not Huge We’re Amazing about the size and immense amount of changes to a woman’s body.

Growing a healthy baby is an absolute miracle, and your body is working harder than ever to support your growing fetus. In fact, hormonal changes re-adjust the entire pregnant female’s body system; all of which are necessary to support a healthy and developing baby, it’s no wonder we can feel aches and pains at times.

Just some of the changes putting pressure on your body include:

    • Feet and ankles may swell due to extra fluid around the body;
    • Spinal re-alignment to help posture and to maintain balance with the changing weight;
    • The top of the uterus grows up near the rib cage;
    • The abdomen will move to the left or the right, to allow for the growing uterus.

All of these changes and more can cause pregnancy symptoms that can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, such as cramping, lower back pain, pelvic pain which causing pain when sitting down and varicose veins.

With my last baby I hardly ever had the chance to sit down and put my feet up (as they say) which can help with legs swelling and excessive cramping. With a two year old and a three year old to look after, sitting down was a rarity. Sometimes my leg cramps became so painful I had to stop wherever I was and squat to ease the pain. Even if that meant the supermarket!

SRC developed their range of Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings for this very reason. They provide support, aid mobility and help to ease the strains and pains that pregnancy can cause.


Invented by women for women, the patented SRC Health Medical Grade 1 compression garments were designed in consultation with Melbourne Obstetrician, Dr. Grant Saffer, so that expectant mothers can go through their pregnancy pain free.

My friend Peita has been wearing them during her pregnancy and says the support provided by the Shorts has really helped her lower back pain and pelvic stability.

“I struggled with lower back pain from about week 20, when my belly popped,” Peita says.

“The pain eased as my ligaments adjusted but the Shorts are nice and supportive, without feeling restrictive at all.”

Wearing them around the house, when exercising and while walking her dog, Peita says they really do feel like a second-skin while gently supporting her back.

“I have used them most days to walk (my dog) Bernie, under my leggings and also exercising at Pilates,” Peita added.

How Do They Work?

SRC Pregnancy Shorts support the muscles of your pelvis by providing gentle compression. The compression in the shorts activates your muscles which promotes better core and pelvic stability. The gradual compression may also help to prevent the development (or worsening) of varicose veins by preventing the blood pooling, and therefore the symptoms of varicose veins and swollen legs.

Made from the highest quality breathable mesh fabric, SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings provide continuous support and stretch, no matter how often you wear them. With the adjustable waistband, they can be worn from 12 weeks pregnant until late term.

Wear them when exercising, going for walks, around the house, at work, or if you’re going out you can wear them underneath your clothes to provide extra support without anyone noticing.

Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and health care professionals all recommend them because they really do provide maximum support without any feeling of restriction.

Some health fund rebates are available too.


The team from SRC are offering all Stylish Bump readers a FREE Super Soft Bamboo Feeding Tank valued at $49.95 with every SRC Pregnancy Leggings and Shorts purchase. Simply select the tank and size of your choice, add to cart, and type the discount code STYLE then ‘apply coupon’ to get your free tank. These tanks (below) are so comfortable for pregnancy and an essential for nursing – I own three of them and lived in them for two years! Read about my SRC Feeding Tanks here.





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      Yes it is.

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    Hi. Is the code still valid now?
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