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Babies and toddlers can have all sort of reasons for not sleeping. And no, it’s not just to punish we parents! There are so many things we buy for their nursery  to help them go to sleep, and to keep an eye on them when they do go to sleep.

But when you’ve fed them, filled their bottle up for the third time, closed the cupboards, fed them again, moved that ‘thing’ that’s making a shadow, handed them another tissue, given them another drink, listened to all their stories from the day’s adventures… HOW do you actually manage to leave the room so they can get to sleep!?

The answer may just be here in the form of a sleepy jungle creature: It’s Santi the Sloth! (And nothing’s more sleepy than a sloth, right?) Santi is super soft plush toy for bedtime that works as a replacement for multiple toddler devices. Part monitor, part night light, part musical sound machine, part comforter and part teething toy, all bundled up in a cuddly sleepy friend for your little one.

Santi hanging

Santi product

What is Santi?

For my first two daughters, I bought a night light, a temperature monitor, a sound monitor, a plush soft sleep comforter each, multiple soft toys and even a video camera monitor! SO many devices and so much money spent, all to ensure they would go to sleep, and stay asleep!

They were actually pretty good sleepers, thanks to lots of hard work sticking to a routine and learning as much as I could about getting babies and toddlers to sleep. But I did have a LOT of contraptions in their nurseries to ensure they would sleep.

With Santi, you may just need the one device that does everything those other devices do.

Marnie sleep Santi light close

Why Santi?

With my third daughter, sleep was definitely a bit trickier. She was a good sleeper but with so many distractions and excitement at bedtime with three children under 4, bedtime was a challenge. She would think of any excuse possible to get out of bed and delay going to sleep. Even now when she wakes up at night, she always gets out of bed for some random reason and wakes up her sister in the process.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers often need a cuddly toy to aid them to sleep, and be there when they wake up. Santi is a portable cuddly toy that can be your little one’s bestie, and can be programmed to play sounds or the nightlight when they wriggle around and wake up, because inside Santi’s tummy is a clever little device that allows you to control the features all from your phone.

Santi on cot

How Does Santi Work?

Santi may just look like any other cuddly toy, but it actually features a bluetooth enabled smart speaker inside, that can monitor your child while they sleep (or don’t sleep!) There’s a motion-sensor that can detect stiriing or crying to trigger the nightlight and sounds to keep your little one company, without you ever having to leave the couch!

There are so many features to Santi that you really don’t need all those other toddler devices, because Santi has:

  • a multi-coloured night light (with over 16 million colour combinations)
  • music and sound options
  • a sound speaker to monitor noises
  • a temperature sensor
  • a teething toy

Marnie with Santi sleep

Controlling Santi for sleep

Because Santi has the option of being controlled via bluetooth, you can control the light, the colour and the sound from your mobile phone without having to go into your little one’s room. Just download the free ‘Santi the Sloth’ app from the App Store and connect your Santi to use the sound and light features. Once Santi is connected to your phone, you will know if they’re stirring/crying because the sleep settings on the App will be enabled. You can also check the temperature of the room, and turn the music on.

It’s really easy to use, and you can get your little one involved in choosing the colour that Santi’s light displays via the App. I love that you can program Santi to turn on and off in sync with your child’s bedtime.

Of course you don’t have to use the App. You can also control Santi by squeezing the button on his tummy to turn the light on or off, and play or pause the sounds.

Santi mobile app

Sounds and Music player

Santi the Sloth works on your child’s development because you can use it as a wireless music player. Using your mobile phone via the App you can program music to be played via streaming services (like Spotify), or use the built-in sounds, such as the soothing sound of rain falling to help your little one drift off to sleep.

The best part (compared to other toddler devices) is Santi is USB chargeable, so there’s no need to keep buying and replacing batteries!

Cuddle Santi light


Unlike other toddler devices Santi is fully portable so you can take it everywhere you go – on car trips, Grandma’s house, daycare or playgroup, on weekends away or long walks in the pram. Once charged you’ll have your night light, sound machine, temperature and sound monitor with you wherever you go! With Velcro arms and a wooden ‘branch’ ring, Santi can easily attach to cot bars, beds and bedside tables, strollers and prams, car seats, or anywhere else your little one wants Santi to hang out.

Being portable means that you can always monitor how your little one is sleeping wherever they are, and they continue to feel comforted knowing that they have their sleep companion with them all the time. Routines are so important for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and I think that keeping that continuity with the same toy is a great idea.

Santi hang light


And we’re not the only ones that think Santi is a great idea! Last month at Australia’s premier international design awards – the Australian Good Design Awards – Santi won the Gold Good Design Award in recognition for outstanding design and innovation, the highest honour for design and innovation.

The Good Design Awards Jury congratulated the innovative design of Santi The Sloth:
“The thought that has gone into this product is delightful. It’s an all-in-one soft toy that replaces a series of possible toddler devices in one cuddly option! A well thought through design solution that has addressed all the challenges of sleep related problems in a technologically advanced product. It’s a total package of product, accessories, app, website as an impressive design solution.”

Santi cot nursery

Australian designed

Designed by Slumberbum owners and Australian parents Dan and Chloe, Santi combines Dan’s love of all things technology and Chloe’s passion for motherhood and childhood education. After years of development, Santi is the ideal sleep companion for your little one, with all the features you need to help you feel secure as a parent, and help your little one go to sleep!

Find out more about Santi the Sloth at the website: and follow Santi on Instagram at

Marnie with Santi


To celebrate the launch of Santi the Sloth we have teamed up with Slumberbum to give one lucky Stylish Bump reader the chance to WIN their very own Santi the Sloth for their little one. Simply follow ‘Santi the Sloth’ via Slumberbum on Instagram, tag a friend on Stylish Bump’s post  and tell us why you need a Santi the Sloth, for your chance to win. Entries open internationally.

Winner will be announced on Stylish Bump Instagram on Sunday 1 November, 2020. Good luck!


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