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Leaving Mama’s womb is a big step for babies, so you want to ensure you provide the best possible space for your precious newborn’s first place to sleep.

Whether you choose a bassinet, a Moses basket or a crib, your baby’s first bed is a big purchase for parents. Not only do you want to provide the safest and most comfortable place to sleep for your baby, but you also want to purchase a beautiful piece of furniture for your nursery and your home you’ll treasure for years to come.

The latest in baby sleep spaces is the Swingy Nest, a Scandi-style hand-made hanging cradle made from 100% natural materials.

Designed for newborns up to about 8 months of age, it’s a stylish cradle with both function and form, and it’s just gorgeous.

swingy nest grey

white baby

Founder and Mama of two Sandra Sakale (pictured right with her eldest son) designed the Swingy Nest hanging cradle to help ease a baby’s transformation from the Mama’s womb to the outside world.

“The idea for the Swingy Nest came to life when we were expecting our first son. We wanted to try sandra swingy nestand prolong the swaying, swinging sensation of the womb for our son after his birth. A place where our baby could stay and sleep safely, cozily and comfortably,” Sandra said.

“Remembering the stories from our grandparents about how useful a hanging cradle was for them in raising their children we decided to create one for our child,” Sandra recalls.

“So the first Swingy Nest hanging cradle was born.”

From Newborn to Baby

The cradle is designed for babies from newborn age to approximately eight or nine months or weighing about 20kg. How long your baby is able to safely sleep in the Swingy Nest will also depend on their rate of development. When your baby is able to roll or sit themselves up it is time to move them to a crib or cot. 

Mobile Swingy Nest

Suspended by a single point, the Swingy Nest has a natural motion and gentle swing. You can easily move and suspend the cradle near your bed at night and move it to the living room or even outside, or hang it under a tree in the garden and keep your baby close to you any time.

​All Natural 

Natural fibres are recommended for anyone’s sleep – especially babies. The cradle bag, mattress cover and ropes are made from 100% organic cotton. For safety and stability it has a stainless steel frame and wooden base. The mattress is made from anti-allergic foam covered with organic cotton.

light grey

Stylish Features

The Swingy Nest comes in four colours: navy blue, off white, grey and light grey. You can also purchase the fitted canopy for added protection from the light or sun that attaches to the swing. There are no hard surfaces, no electronic parts and no restraining devices around your baby. 

      swingy nestoff white

Natural Materials 

The Swingy Nest hanging cradle is made of high quality natural materials that will stay in the same condition long enough to be used by many more babies. . The canopy is made of 100% natural and breathable linen. The sturdy steel frame won’t bend, rust or lose its supportive durability.

Sturdy and Safe

The Swingy Nest comes with cottons straps or cradle straps, (see images) a hook and plug.

off white

Product Details

Age: From newborn to approximately 8 – 9 months or up to 20 kg weight.

Cradle dimensions: L – 83 cm, W – 54 cm, H – 31 cm. Maximum length of the adjustable straps or rope – 180 cm

Cradle materials: 100% natural organic cotton cradle bag, frame – stainless steel, base – wooden, cold foam anti-allergic mattress covered with 100% natural organic cotton top.

mum with grey swingy nest


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