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This time of year when the days are often sunny but the nights are cold, it’s really important to make sure your little one is warm enough to sleep all night. Often the coldest part of the night is between 4 and 6am, when many parents say their kids wake up, calling them an ‘early riser’.

But what if they’re not an early riser, and they’re just cold?

Babies and toddlers cannot regulate their own body temperature until they are about 18 months of age, so we need to do it for them. Keeping them snug and warm helps them to sleep safely on their back – the recommended sleeping position for babies and toddlers – and to sleep the whole night through.

I really love my sleep, (don’t we all!?) so am in love with the latest product to hit the market, the X-Tend Sleepsuit from The Sleepy Company. Just like a sleeping bag, but with legs and arms, it’s a sleepsuit your child can wear to bed over their singlet and nappy to keep them warm without the need for traditional blankets or a doona.

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xtend sleepsuit

Whilst sleeping bags are great for keeping them warm, children grow so fast that you may find you need to buy three or four to keep up with their growing, before they’re big enough to go into a bed with blankets or a doona.

The X-Tend Sleepsuit works out to be better value for money, because they can wear the same suit as they grow without having to buy new ones all the time. The X-Tend Sleepsuit allow toddlers and older babies to move their legs and arms about freely and unrestricted, while still staying warm and cosy. You can put their feet in or out of the suit, and for younger babies you can put their hands in too. For the nights that aren’t so cold, or for warmer children, you can also unzip the sleeves to make them short-sleeved.

The sleeves aren’t bulky, but very comfortable and with a bit of stretch they’re not at all restrictive. I love the removable feature of the sleeves too, because it also means you can wash them if they’re wet or dirty, without having to wash the whole Sleepsuit.

xtend sleepsuit 6

It is ideal for toddlers who are not yet old enough to sleep all night under a blanket or doona, and are prone to hopping out of their cot or cot bed. It is also a great option for toddlers and pre-schoolers transitioning from their cot to a bed, ensuring they stay warm and covered all night long.

Whether they wear a nappy or are toilet training, the X-Tend Sleepsuit allows you to unzip the back to check their nappy without disturbing them, change their nappy or help them go to the toilet at night without removing the whole suit.

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Made with certified organic cotton (No Polyester, No harmful chemicals and pesticides), it is so soft and really great quality, even after several washes. My youngest daughter Marnie, now 2 years of age, loves being a ‘big girl’ and trying to put it on herself, and feels very special in her own Sleepsuit. But the handy two-way zipper means she can’t take it off herself.

Called X-Tend because it easily enlarges to fit your child’s growing body – when your child grows to the next size the Sleepsuit’s arms and legs can be extended to the next size up, allowing a comfortable fit for up to two sleepsuit sizes.


Available in 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5 Tog (warmth) ratings allowing for all-year round wear, no matter how warm or cold it gets.

And because it’s a suit, you child can wear it out of their cot or bed too: drinking their evening milk on the couch, in their stroller, in a carrier or to wear while they’re eating breakfast on those cold mornings.

The design of the pants means there’s no risk of tripping over excess fabric when they are toddling or walking around. I love the fold up feet too, to keep them extra warm or no longer use when they’ve grown.

Available from The Sleepy Company, the X-Tend Sleepsuit is available in sizes 6 months to 7 years of age, starting from $74.95 in four gorgeous colours, including the pink Marnie wears. They offer Free Shipping and Free Returns (before 100 days) too, so you can be sure you’re making the right purchase.

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Features I love:

  • Easy to check or change nappy
  • Fold up feet and hands
  • Removable sleeves
  • Fits up to two sizes, saving you money
  • You can wear it in a carrier or in the stroller, or just getting ready for bed
  • Available in three warmth (Tog) ratings, 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5
  • Certified Organic Cotton, comfortable, soft and warm


Check out the full range of sizes, colours and all your FAQs answered at The Sleepy Company



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