Scooters: loads of benefits for little ones

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The humble kick scooter has now become a necessity for pre-school and young school-aged kids. Not just for fun and a convenient way to get around, but also for the loads of benefits it provides little bodies (and minds).

Scooters are wonderful for developing a child’s balance, and with the development of balance becomes improves confidence. Scooters teach kids how to balance using their weight, which also helps to develop muscles in their upper bodies. As they learn that they can control the scooter with their body, they become more confident.

When it comes to kick scooters for kids there’s no better than the original Micro, made from quality Swiss design following the simple philosophy of safety, child development, durability and fun.
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Through the process of learning to ride a scooter, kids can understand the importance of protecting their bodies and the consequences of not doing so. Riding a scooter can also help them to understand road rules too: stopping at intersections, looking left and right for cars, only crossing when it’s safe or using zebra crossings.

Riding a kick scooter helps young kids to work on coordination, endurance and overall strength without even realising they’re doing it – they’re having too much fun!

Scooting also teaches children to be respectful and considerate of other bike riders, scooter and skateboard riders and pedestrians.

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Right across the suburbs you can see kids of all ages scooting to and from school, up and down quiet roads on the weekends and around the pathways in the parks. Scooters are even replacing the humble skateboard at skate-parks everywhere.

As well as being fun, it helps children to learn skills such as balance, coordination and motor skills, as well as encouraging them to go outside and get some exercise.

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Easily maneuvered by little bodies, Micro scooters are great for busy paths and parks, as the girls can easily stop with the foot-brake, turn or scoot away (from dogs!) if they need to. If a hill is too steep I can easily carry it over my shoulder, or hook it onto the stroller.

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Physical activity strengthens the heart, helps keep arteries and veins clear, strengthens the lungs, strengthens the bones, improves energy levels, enhances emotional well-being, and more!

For busy footpaths on the way to School and Kinder the Micro Scooters are so easy for the girls to ride, allowing them to navigate busy morning traffic on the footpaths and backstreets on the ‘school run’, stopping and starting easily to avoid dogs, prams and lots of kids and parents on the way.

Scooters are great for little ones and I’m a big advocate for having scooters as well as bicycles. Using different skillsets to ride both, being able to ride a bike AND a scooter will compliment a child’s skills by teaching them balance, agility, confidence and decision-making skills.

With a great range of colours, styles and accessories, nothing beats Micro scooters. Check out the whole range of Micro Scooters at

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