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Babies’ skin is so soft and delicious smelling, as parents we want to protect it and keep it that way for as long as possible.

More fragile and more sensitive than adults’ skin, your bub’s skin is also less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, so can be easily irritated.

Five times thinner than grown-up skin, and much more prone to moisture loss, baby skin needs protection and given very special care. You can’t use any old product off the shelf, especially not soap which dries out their skin. You need to use skincare formulated especially for delicate skin with only natural ingredients – and nothing else!

I am so passionate about organic products for my three girls, and will use nothing else on their skin, face and hair. There are just so many unnecessary synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colourants in other supermarket products, why would you use that on their perfect skin? Only 100% certifiably organic products for little ones really are the best.

And luckily there are so many amazing products around, there’s no reason to compromise when it comes to their skin.

The new Baby Care range for little ones from Weleda is made from hand-picked Biodynamic Calendula, organic Chamomile and natural plant-based oils. As a natural antiseptic, Calendula is renowned for soothing irritated skin.

washing weledaWeleda have more than 90 years’ experience in skincare that have helped to develop the Natural Baby Care products. Impressively, the new range of Calendula Baby Care was developed in collaboration with midwives, to meet the daily needs of baby skin. And it shows.

The beautiful and 100% certified organic Calendula Baby Care range includes everything you will need for your bub, including Nappy Change Cream, Teething Powder, Body Lotion, Bath Oil, Creme Bath as well as the fabulous Shampoo and Body Wash and the newest product in the range, the Face Cream.

Not only do the products feel and smell amazing, but they are so rich and thick that you don’t have to use very much, so you will use less than with other products. They are also very gentle, with only natural ingredients that won’t irritate the skin or cause any reactions.


Your baby’s delicate hair and skin gets the best balance of cleansing moisture and shampoo in the Shampoo and Body Wash which I just love. It retains the moisture in your baby’s hair and skin, leaving them feeling silky smooth and protected from drying out.

Made with mild natural plant-based cleansers the Shampoo and Body Wash is really gentle and tear-free, so I use it on all three of my girls’ for both their body and washing their hair. The Organic Calendula soothes and softens their hair as well as the skin and the almond oil absorbs fast and easily to keep your their skin from losing precious moisture.



The newest addition to the Baby Range is the Organic Face Cream that gently protects and moisturises, and is made especially for the face.

When you think about it, your baby’s face really is the first place you should moisturise. Often in sunlight, the wind and elements can leave their little faces feeling dry and rough. Not to mention how many times a day it gets wiped, washed and dirty again! Just using the smallest amount of the Face Cream leaves it feeling so soft and moisturised, and it absorbs quickly too, so it won’t get all over their clothes or bedding.

face creameThe Face Cream formulation has been created from over 95% organic and biodynamic ingredients, is 100% natural and is dermatologically tested so is very skin friendly, even on sensitive skin. There’s no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colourants.

I have a tube in my nappy bag and use it during the daytime after I give her wash a clean, and after bathtime in the evening too.

weleda nappy bag


Help to look after and protect your baby’s skin by:

Bathing your baby

Bath your baby in warm water every day. Do not use soap, as this will dry out the skin. Use a mild, gentle non-soap cleanser like Calendula Cream Bath. These products are very effective in cleansing your baby’s skin and keeping it moist. Avoid bubble bath as it removes natural oils from the skin. Avoid antibacterial and perfumed soaps as they may irritate the skin.

Moisturising your baby

Use a good quality moisturiser such as Calendula Body Lotion and Face Cream immediately after the bath to increase skin hydration. Thicker creams and ointments are more effective than lotions. If your baby’s skin usually seems dry, a moisturiser may need to be applied two to four times a day.

Care for the nappy area

The nappy area is exposed to constant moisture, wrapping and rubbing, which may irritate and damage the skin and cause nappy rash. To prevent this, change your baby’s nappy frequently:

  • Use disposable nappies so the moisture is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin dry and less susceptible to breakdown;
  • Washing with lukewarm water and use a cotton ball to clean it;
  • Clean the nappy area thoroughly with a thick and nourishing organic cream like Calendula Nappy Change Cream;
  • Don’t use talcum powder;
  • Allow your baby as much ‘nappy off” time as possible (just keep an eye on them!

The Calendula Nappy Change Cream is one of the best I have used: thick and rich it instantly moisturises and you don’t need to use very much to cover the whole area. It’s perfect for delicate skin and lasts for ages too.

nappy change

Weleda have a great blog with Skin Care Tips and tips for protecting Sensitive and Eczema Prone Skin at their website.

They also have a great range for mums with nipple creams, nursing tea and stretch mark cream to name a few, and adults too, which help to promote the development of healthy looking skin.

And I know I’m doing my skin good with using 100% organic products that are good for my skin and good for the planet.



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