Milk Baths for your bump

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Milk Baths have become so popular for maternity photos. The beautiful shape of a pregnant body looks so gorgeous bathed in milk, and Stylish Bump has been sent some absolutely stunning images to share on Instagram.

But are there any real benefits to actually bathing in milk when you’re pregnant?

Well, yes. Milk baths may benefit your bump by moisturising your skin. The fats and proteins that are found in milk – particularly full cream milk – may help to hydrate your skin and retain moisture after you step out. Just make sure that you rinse off in clean water after your soak in a milk bath so that you’re left with a soft, milky glow instead of a sticky milk residue!

Milk baths can also help to calm redness in the skin, and also help to reduce dryness and itching, which is most common around the belly as your skin stretches.


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Whether you add milk or not, taking a bath when you’re pregnant is a great idea. When your back is killing you, your legs are sore from cramping and you feel aches and pains all over, a bath really feels amazing.

Obstetricians say you can safely bathe right throughout your pregnancy, as long as the water isn’t too hot, as your baby is protected within the amniotic sac.

“As long as the water temperature doesn’t get too hot and you keep your soaks to approximately 10 minutes, you can bathe until the day you deliver,” says Taaly Silberstein, M.D., an Obstetrician-Gynecologist in Tarzana, California.*


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Here are some tips for bathing during your pregnancy:

1. Set the mood: Dim the lights, surround yourself with some lightly scented candles, listen to some relaxing music and wrap up a damp warm towel to rest your head.

2. Draw the bath: For safety’s sake, make sure the water is warm, not hot. Anything up to your normal body temperature of 37° Celcius is safe and indulgent.

3. Leave your phone in another room. And if you already have children, make sure you won’t be disturbed. Taking a bath is about being present in the bath water and relaxing.

4. Massage your feet and ankles, or better still, have someone else do it.

5. Apply a moisturising all over body lotion after drying off and drink a glass of cold water to feel completely refreshed.


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* Source: Taaly Silberstein, M.D., Obstetrician-Gynecologist quoted in Fit Pregnancy Magazine

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  • kristin carpenter
    July 2, 2017

    i have been trying to find something about this and this article helped tons. im 2 months along and bought some powdered milk for my bath and later down photo shoot. i just wanted to make sure i wouldnt cause any harm to my baby from the milk bath.

    thank you

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