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Have you bought maternity jeans yet? Blake Lively has reportedly said it was one of the only maternity items she bought, and if you wear jeans, then I highly recommend you buy some too. And more and more shops have now maternity ranges too.

At the beginning of your pregnancy you will probably be able to wear your regular jeans. Your belly might not get big enough for maternity jeans until late in the second, or even third trimester. You could wear a tummy-tie, or some girls I know have even used a hair-tie. Until, you can’t…

Why buy ‘maternity jeans’?


Over belly maternity jeans from Target

There are basically two types of maternity jeans – under belly and over belly (left). The under belly ones are either zip front with elastic sides, or elastic all the way across the front. The over belly ones have a huge piece of stretchy fabric that sits over your bump to keep them up.

I hated anything on my tummy, so the thought of material on it made me itchy and hot just thinking about it – I opted for under belly.

They are usually made from soft denim, with stretch cotton or other fabric to make them extra breathable and comfortable. And many have hidden tabs inside that allows you to adjust them as your tummy grows. Genius! (Frankly, all jeans should have these. Especially for big night’s out when you have too much to eat or drink.)

I have several pairs now – I love jeans, and just because I was pregnant didn’t mean I was going to stop wearing them. Having maternity jeans allows you to wear so many great outfits, not necessarily maternity, because you can wear them with tops, shirts, jumpers, cardies, singlets, jackets, capes (Blake I’m looking at you!) 

my jeans

One of my staples this pregnancy were Asos boyfriend maternity jeans, less than $50 and so comfortable.



Jennifer Garner when pregnant with Seraphine

boyfriend maternity jeans

Designer Anine Bing and Blogger Cara Loren in their boyfriend maternity jeans

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani when pregnant with baby Apollo

In Australia, Jeans West and Mavi make great styles – slim leg, straight leg, boot cut, wide leg, boyfriend… they’re all over it. Target Australia also have about 4 styles, all ‘over the bump’ styles. One of my favourite pairs are the Mavi Australia under bump maternity jeans in straight leg, (below pic) and the ones I’ve had the most wear out of over three pregnancies. I wore them after the babies were born too, just tightened the elastic tabs inside (especially handy with Winter/Spring babies.) I even wore them between my first and second daughter when my old jeans weren’t as comfy on my mum-tum.

My favourite maternity jeans by Mavi Australia.


Asos Maternity Boyfriend Jeans

I have some from Asos that I just love, they are distressed boyfriend maternity jeans and the only pair I wore the entire pregnancy – right to the end. At under $50 they were a great investment. They became more Suzi Quattro skin tight than slouchy boyfriend towards the end of the pregnancy, but anyway… Asos is great for maternity jeans because they have dozens of styles and colours and fits, and really affordable. Only trouble is, you can’t try them on – but stick to your normal size as I did and they should fit fine.

I also have some black full elastic waist from Asos, and another black pair from Top Shop – both pairs I even wore to work!. I could get away with them as they were a very ‘black’ black and the material was soft, so didn’t look like denim. Tucked into boots or worn with flats, they looked and felt like pants. 

mavi jeans ava

Eight months pregnant with my first baby wearing my Mavi maternity jeans.

The ONLY problem I found with under belly maternity jeans is that they do have a tendency to fall down in the final weeks of pregnancy. Maybe it’s just me, but my bump got quite big, and the bigger it grew, the more the jeans would fall down. And a heavily pregnant woman waddling down the street pulling up her jeans every few metres is not a pretty sight. Again, maybe it’s just me…

My advice is to buy one pair that fit you well, that you’re comfortable in, then go from there. If you want more colours, other styles, or just need more than one pair then there’s plenty of options and price ranges available.

Which jeans did you buy? Where is the best place to buy maternity jeans?

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