Maternity Bras: How To Buy & Where To Shop

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Maternity bras are a pregnancy essential. Many of the High Street stores make them and there’s thousands of styles available online. But it can be difficult to find STYLISH maternity bras, ones you like wearing and can wear for pregnancy and later for nursing without wanting to hide them under clothing.

You need at least three maternity bras you can wear on rotation. I had four that I wore all the time, three for the daytime and one I wore to bed. My breasts were really large and sore, particularly in the first trimester, so wearing a soft cotton maternity bra to bed was supportive enough to ease the discomfort, but still allowed plenty of movement to make sleeping and moving around less painful.

I recommend you get professionally fitted to ensure you’re wearing the right sized maternity bra. This is mainly because you need to support your breasts properly during pregnancy, but it’s very important they are the correct fit for optimal comfort – and just as importantly – don’t cut into your breasts potentially blocking the milk ducts from developing fully.

nursing access

Almost all maternity bras allow nursing access, so invest in the best maternity bras you can because you’ll be wearing them a lot, for a year or more. And if this is your first baby, you’ll possibly be wearing them for years and years if (and when) future babies come along!

lace set

I’ve found some of my favourite and most stylish maternity bras for you to Shop. Once you know your size you can purchase them online to save money.

Here are some gorgeous and stylish mamas wearing their maternity bras to inspire you, and below just click the small images to go directly to the online store.

Next week I’ll be looking at more casual bras you can wear everyday.

black lace

apricot lace black cream lace pink maternity bra white satin

white lace

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Simply click on the image to go directly to the online store.

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