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Isn’t it amazing the difference a good outfit can make to your day? Especially when you’re a new mama who is breastfeeding! Deciding what to wear when you’re breastfeeding isn’t only about comfort and style, but functionality and simplicity.

Annoyingly, it can be hard to find stylish clothing you can breastfeed in. Wanting to be comfortable but also feel stylish enough to leave the house is a real struggle for many new mamas. Thankfully, keeping active and looking good with a new baby is now a whole lot easier with Mammojo.

Last year we introduced you to the gorgeous breastfeeding activewear by Mammojo called Lactivewear® – a collection of post-pregnancy and nursing activewear that allows easy breastfeeding while supporting mamas to live an active lifestyle.

Now the range is even better because it includes swimwear!

The Mammojo Lactivewear® range was designed to allow breastfeeding Mamas to live an active and connected lifestyle. With one in five mothers suffering from postnatal depression and two of the biggest risk reduction factors lie in being active and feeling connected to others, its clear that clothing that supports a lifestyle where mothers can feed their baby, be supported AND to be active and hang out with others AND not feel like a complete dag, is really important.


The ethos at Mammojo is all about celebrating motherhood – the crazy, the manic, the beautiful, the down right stinky! As well as their best-selling hoodie the Mammojo range includes tanks, tops, leggings and yoga pants, swimwear and lounge pants. The nursing tops are not only stylish, but designs that have been with real nursing mamas in mind, allowing you to comfortably and conveniently breastfeed in, while also being supportive and flexible enough to exercise in. So brilliant, only a Mama herself could come up with it!


The range includes everything from the award-winning Signature breastfeeding hoodie (so stylish it doesn’t even look like a nursing hoodie), postpartum support tights, to help repair weakened abdominal post-birth and nursing tanks with inbuilt bras that are gym, swim and feeding friendly – awesome for bub’s swimming lesson. No need to lift up your top or completely disrobe to feed your hungry infant that the second you’re out of the pool, these tanks mean access to the milk bar is just the flick of a clasp away. And you’ll be dry five minutes later! Perfect for the upcoming Summer season. Stress be gone.

The bestseller in the Mammojo range is the Signature Nursing Hoodie. A wardrobe staple for breastfeeding mamas, the two invisible zip openings help to feed your baby discreetly so everyone in the playground or the cafe won’t stare at you, while also keeping you warm and looking stylish. The hoodie received huge recognition after author, blogger and make-up mama Zoe Foster-Blake wrote about her hoodie (and wore it) in her award-winning Labor, Birth and Post-Natal Questionnaire blog at

zoe foster blake

Mammojo garments are made from the highest quality, Italian performance fabrics and are extremely long-wearing, durable and UPF50+. Plus, they’re resistent to pretty much everything – sunscreen chlorine, sand, vomit – you get the drift.

The quiet achiever of the Mammojo collection are the Post-natal lounge pants. Supremely comfortable they are becoming a must-have hospital bag item. Loose-fitting, lightweight, breathable post-pregnancy lounge pants that you’ll want to wear day after day. Bonus is they’re also really stylish!

tank and hoodie

The benefits of breastfeeding are well known, as breastmilk contains powerful antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastmilk also supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions, and protects against diseases, like diabetes. It is easily digested – no constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach, and breastfeeding lowers your baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies.

Not only is breastfeeding a fantastic source of nourishment for your baby, but the beautiful happy hormone oxytocin that is released when your baby nurses also helps your uterus contract, returning to its pre-pregnancy ‘normal’ size more quickly.

Mothers have enough to do without worrying about what to wear, so Mammojo’s stylish tops and pants are so easy to throw on, convenient to feed in and stylish enough to leave the house in. Activewear doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym to wear them, with the Mammojo range chic enough to wear anywhere, designed for comfort as well as support.

Most mamas are ‘active’ most of the time anyway, so its no wonder most of us are putting on the activewear in the morning. It’s the most practical, comfortable and supportive outfit to wear. Mammojo’s range is so stylish you can incorporate it into your existing wardrobe.

With a complete range that includes compression tights, yoga pants, nursing tops and tanks plus the popular breastfeeding hoodie, Mammojo has ticked all the boxes for your go-to post-pregnancy activewear wardrobe. Each post-maternity nursing top is made from the highest quality, luxury Italian supplex fabric that’s highly breathable, supportive and comfortable.


To make way for the new range Mammjo are currently Marie Kondo-ing the crap out of their existing stock and are braced for some big discounts this Black Friday/Cyber Monday period. Stylish Bump readers can exclusively access the Black FRiday prices (40% OFF EVERYTHING) ahead of the public using the code STYLISHBUMPBF19 (valid until Sunday 17 Nov, 2019). In an extra thoughtful gesture for new parents, Mammojo also offers Free Shipping (including international shipping!) a 90-day money back guarantee and easy returns.

Check out some of the amazing customer reviews and the full range at and follow Mammojo on Instagram for news, sales and updates.


To celebrate Black Friday Mammojo is giving THREE Stylish Bump readers their choice of a swim/gym/feed friendly tank and matching bikini bottoms. Just follow Mammojoon on Instagram and tell us how a swim/gym/feed friendly tank would make your life easier. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 10 Nov. 2019 (AEDST).

Winner will be announced on Monday 11 Nov. 2019 on Stylish Bump on Instagram

Good luck!

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