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It can be hard to find a baby book to record your little one’s special milestones. A beautiful family tradition, parents have been recording their baby’s special milestones like their first tooth, their first word and very first steps for generations.

With my first two daughters I could not find any milestone books that I liked, so ended up getting some very babyish ones containing only a few pages to record our special memories. For my third daughter I ended up using a notepad! (Though that could also be called ‘third-child-syndrome’!) Finding a stylish, classic baby journal seemed impossible.

Discovering that exact same problem and realising lots of people did too, Mama Kylie Skelly decided to create her very own range of Baby Milestone Journals and – quite cleverly – a Pregnancy Journal, at family business Belle & Grace Boutique with husband Colin.

The whole collection at Belle & Grace Boutique allows you to capture all your little one’s special moments from pregnancy right through to school, featuring a pregnancy journal, baby milestone journal, baby milestone cards, pregnancy milestone cards, my school years journal and a grandparents journal, ensuring keepsake journal for the whole family.

preg milestone


The Baby Milestone Journal is beautifully designed to ensure you capture every important detail to five years of age. Mum and Dad can use the prompts on each page to note details such as family trees, things your little one likes and dislikes, funny moments and special occasions. Fill your Journal with wonderful memories that you will treasure for years to come.

With plenty of space to add photos, precious keepsakes, and to note down any personal details, you could even present your Baby Milestone Journal to your son or daughter as a special gift one day. A stylish and timeless reminder of how special they are to you, then and now, and allow them to compare their own children with their development!


What’s included:

  • Pages to record your pregnancy
  • Family tree to complete
  • Introducing your little one
  • Pages to record milestones and all baby’s firsts
  • Birthdays from one to five years
  • Blanks pages to add your own photographs or drawings

baby journal

baby milestone



The Belle & Grace Boutique Pregnancy Journal is the perfect way to document all those specials (and not so special) emotions and milestones on your pregnancy journey. Timeless and stylish, the Pregnancy Journal is bound and covered in your choice of either white or black linen with a minimalist design for the cover.

Designed to help prompt you to make notes, there’s plenty of room to store those precious ultrasound pictures and notes to your baby, it will be a treasured keepsake for years to come to reflect on what you have written in your Journal.



Use your Pregnancy Journal to write letters to your baby telling them how you feel, record your cravings, your hopes and dreams. It’s also super handy to record all your appointments, plans and details of your growing bump.

What’s included:

  • Record pregnancy details, such as when you found out
  • Keep ultrasound pictures safe
  • Keep track of your pregnancy, week by week
  • Write notes to your baby
  • Keep track of your appointments
  • Details of baby shower and gifts
  • Birthing plan
  • Baby name ideas



The Baby Milestone Cards set covers almost every landmark of your baby’s special first year. A total of 34 cards are included, making it the perfect gift for a Mama to-be to mark all the amazing milestones baby reaches. There are three stylish sets to choose from – vintage, tribal and floral, depending on your personal style.

Such a great idea for a Baby Shower or hospital gift, you’ll love this fantastic set to help keep track of all the milestones baby reaches, making it easy to to keep an accurate record of all their special firsts.

The Belle & Grace Boutique Milestone Cards for Pregnancy are also a great way to mark your weeks going by, from 12 weeks onwards. And both sets of Milestone Cards are ideal for social media photos too, so your friends and family can see what stage you – or your little one – are up to in a cute photo!



Once the Baby Milestone Cards are completed, keep them as a precious keepsake or present them as a gift to your son and daughter one day. It will remind them of the special place in your heart that is taken by your first year together.

What’s included:

  • Introductions
  • Today I am brand new
  • Weeks 1-3
  • Months 1-12
  • Hip Hip hooray, today is my first birthday
  • Today I smiled for the first time
  • Today I giggled for the first time
  • Today I rolled over for the first time
  • Today I sat up for the first time
  • Today I said mama for the first time
  • Today I said dada for the first time
  • Today I had my first haircut
  • Today ate solids for the first time
  • Today I had my first bath
  • Today I got my first tooth
  • Today I stood up for the first time
  • Last night I slept through the night
  • Hand and footprints

tribal milestone

The Pregnancy Journal also comes in a bundle with the Pregnancy Milestone Cards, and the Baby Journal comes in a bundle with the Baby Milestone Cards. Or you can purchase multiple journals in the various bundles available.

In addition to the offering, there’s also a gorgeous School Years Journal for keeping track of your child’s school years, and a Grandparents Journal for the other special members in bub’s life.

grand school


I had a chat to founder, designer and Mama Kylie about this gorgeous new range of Pregnancy and Baby Journal Keepsakes from Belle & Grace Boutique.

Why Did You Decide To Create Your Own Range of Pregnancy Journals and Baby Keepsakes?
After my daughter was born, like you, I spent ages looking for a milestone journal that I could record her special milestones in, and give to her when she had grown up.

Baby books are a vital part of who we are and capturing our identity when we are too little to remember or acknowledge it ourselves. We celebrate life’s milestones such as first steps, first word, birthday parties, loosing our first tooth, school graduations and transitioning to adulthood.


How Is The Belle & Grace Boutique Range Unique?

I wanted something that was stylish with a modern design. While I had found a few keepsake books out there, there were none that seemed to tick all the boxes with a modern, minimalist design. We wanted to offer the most elegant, yet practical keepsakes for parents, parents-to-be and anyone who has these people in their lives.

How Did You Come Up With The Belle & Grace Boutique Range?

I wanted something that my daughter and I would both cherish forever.  After speaking with other Mums it dawned on me that there were others who also wanted these items, but wanted them to be timeless, simple yet elegant, and practical. And that’s when it hit me: Why can’t I design a journal like that?! So that’s what I did!

preg journal

Why Baby Keepsakes In Particular?

There is something really beautiful in capturing life’s little moments and memories that articulate who we are. However it isn’t just a rewarding experience for the recipient of the baby book, but even more so for the individuals writing the story as it unfolds. It is ironic that some of the best memories can be created whilst reminiscing and recording these milestones.

Why Do You Recommend Mamas To-Be and Parents Get A Baby or Pregnancy Keepsake Book?

kylieThe act of collating images and capturing memories in an album allows for these memories to be passed down through the generations. Whenever you decide to capture your little ones’ story, consider the importance of why you are doing it. Enrich the experience by doing it as a couple or as a Mummy and Daughter project with your bubs new Grandma. Enjoy creating new memories together that will last a lifetime for you and your little one!

When buying from us you are buying from me, a Mum who has put her passion for motherhood and beautiful things into each of her products. I sincerely hope you love our products, because I love making them!

Pictured: Kylie Skelly with husband Colin and 3 year old daughter Annabelle. 



Check out the whole range of Baby Journals, Pregnancy Journals, Keepsake Journals for School and Grandparents and Milestone Cards for Baby and Pregnancy at and follow Belle & Grace Boutique on Instagram for product updates and news on sales.



To celebrate the launch of this gorgeous new collection of keepsake journals and milestone cards, Belle & Grace Boutique are giving one lucky Stylish Bump reader the chance to WIN a Pregnancy Journal AND Milestone Cards set. Simply follow Belle & Grace Boutique on Instagram and comment below with your due date! It’s that easy! (Please add your instagram handle ie. @stylish_bump to your entry so we can notify you on Instagram.)

Winner will be notified on Stylish Bump Stories on Sunday 22 July 2018. Good luck!

As well, Belle & Grace Boutique are offering everyone 20% OFF the whole range, just use the code Stylish20 at the checkout.

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  • Mallory challacombe
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    3rd December 2018

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    Such a great range of wonderful products at Belle & Grace Boutique!
    After reading your article and visiting Kylie’s website, I found out they are Canberra-based family business! So happy for them as a Canberran :)

    I am due 25th January 2019, with our first boy, the first grandson for both our parents, the first great-grandson for all of our grandparents after having lots of baby girls in our family! (Probably we’d better order Grandparents Journal from Belle & Grace Boutique very soon!)
    We just discovered baby’s sex yesterday and we’ve been over the moon since then.
    Can’t wait to document all the journey and adventures with my baby boy 😉

    My instagram handle is @iam_l_mai

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