Interview with Stylish Mama: Teresa Palmer

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Australian actress and stylish mama of one Teresa Palmer is one busy lady right now.

Not only is she currently back home in Australia promoting her new film, Director Mel Gibson’s critically acclaimed WWII film ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, but she has just bought a home in Adelaide, recently visited both the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals promoting her other new film ‘Message from the King’, and regularly shares her life, stories and photos of her beautiful family on her lifestyle blog Your Zen Mama with friend Sarah Olsen.

As well as keeping up with her young toddler Bodhi, Teresa just also happens to be 31 weeks pregnant with her second baby – another boy.

With her incredibly busy schedule I was lucky enough to chat with the lovely and most likeable Teresa recently, about motherhood, her pregnancy second time around and thoughts on her belly-button ring during pregnancy!


Teresa wearing Prada at the Hacksaw Ridge screening at the Venice Film Festival


Teresa wearing Giorgio Armani at the Lights Out premiere

Is this pregnancy much more special having your young son Bodhi to share it with?
Yes absolutely! They’re pretty different experiences for me and equally as beautiful. My first pregnancy was incredible as I had so much time on my hands to think about it, nurture my body, have baths, do labor prep and this one has been so special because Bodhi’s face lights up any time we talk about our new baby that’s coming. He is enthralled about the whole process which makes up for the lack of time I have to spend marinating in all the pregnancy Bliss that comes along with growing a new life.


How many pregnancy tests did you do before you told your husband, Mark?
I did one! It was so super faint and we took it in Belize on a very crappy two dollar test, it was this blurry smudged line but I just kept staring at it over and over and then showed him! We went and bought all the crappy tests we could find and tested again and again over the next few days, each line kept getting darker so I jumped on the very next plane as I was afraid of Zika Virus haha!



How many times have you done a sneaky McDonalds drive-through?
None! I’m very anti-McDonald’s and the way they source their meat. I don’t eat land animals and the thought of the suffering (and hormones) that goes in to mass producing meat for huge corporations such as McDonalds makes me sad!

Have you ever used pregnancy as an excuse to not do something?
Totally! I use it constantly with my husband. Our house is split over 3 levels so I’ll always ask him to fetch me things from the other levels because “I’m sooo pregnant”!

What songs in the car has your bump kicked to?
Bodhi has been requesting a lot of “Flo Machine” recently aka Florence and The Machine. It’s been a non-stop ok our car so he has been inundated with her music of late! Especially “No Light Blue Light” as Bodhi calls it (“no light, no light” is it’s official name!)

What is your favourite pregnancy outfit?
Anything Free People, flowing bohemian dresses are my go-to, head scarves and flats!

What’s the first thing you’re going to eat when you get home from hospital?
Probably my guacamole and chile staple!

Finish this sentence about pregnancy: “I wish someone had told me that…”
You should never ever get your belly button pierced when you’re a 16 year old rebelling against your folks because when you’re pregnant that belly hole will come back to haunt you!


With husband Mark Webber at the Lights Out premiere wearing Michael Kors

What has been different about this pregnancy compared with your first with Bodhi?
The lack of time to think about the pregnancy! With a toddler you just get on with life and if I wasn’t so big in the belly and didn’t have such an active baby I’m sure I’d forget I’m pregnant. The luxury of spare time is definitely long gone this time round!

bodhi-mini-mode-nyHave you kept any of your pregnancy pee sticks?
Oh yeah! Pretty much all of them, I think I kept 8 this time round and 6 with Bodhi!

What Australian traits do you most hope your children possess?
The laid back attitude Aussies have, they don’t take themselves so seriously which I love. Also the appreciation and time spent in nature.


At the Hacksaw Ridge premiere in Australia wearing Giambattista Valli

Who’s pregnancy style do you admire most?
Jaime King’s.

Who is a Zen Mama to you? (Which mother inspires you?)
Obviously my co-partner of Your Zen Mama Sarah Olsen is a Zen Mama to me, also so many Mama’s I follow on Instagram appear to have the Zen Mama thing down pat (@newearthmama and @elenoreearth are among some faves)


With Your Zen Mama co-founder Sarah Wright Olsen

Potato Cakes with tomato sauce or Salted Caramel Connoisseur ice-cream?
Salted caramel ANYTHING is what my dreams are made of!

What sort of big brother do you think Bodhi will be?
He is such a nurturing boy with such a hugely compassionate and caring nature for a two year old. He is so gentle and loving to others that I know he will be so adoring of his baby brother. I’m so glad to watch them grow together!


Thank you so much Teresa, and we wish you all the very best for the remainder of your pregnancy and life with your gorgeous family of boys!
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