Guest Post: What To Wear To A Wedding When Pregnant

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Upcoming wedding on the horizon? Bump expanding? Panicking about to wear?

Deep breaths, ladies. At Maive & Bo., we always have your maternity clothing under control, no matter the occasion. In fact, when it comes to wedding season, we think this romantic event is the absolute perfect time to show off your beautiful, growing bump.

Who’s ready to let their pregnancy glow shine through? Let’s get you a figure flattering dress to compliment that glow, shall we?

Here are our some of our best tips we always recommend when picking out a maternity dress for a wedding:

Seek Out Fabric With Stretch

Sitting down, standing up, hobbling from venue to venue. Weddings aren’t exactly the most relaxing event, and when you’re pregnant, it can be an even more exhausting occasion. Don’t over complicate the situation by wearing an uncomfortable dress that has you tugging and pulling all night. If you’re wanting to show off your pregnancy curves, we highly recommend a dress with plenty of stretch to compensate for your belly. Something like our Chloe Maternity Dress in Midnight Floral is the perfect swoon worthy option that will have you feeling like the total stunner that we know you are.


Ruching To The Rescue

If you’re a lady who is hoping to show off her pregnancy curves at a wedding, while stretch should be your first priority, we also suggest keeping your eyes open for a dress with ruching, like our Luella Maternity Dress. Ruching is wonderful because it allows for even extra room while your precious cargo continues to grow. Not to mention, ruching will also flatter those beautiful curves of yours. No doubt about it, when you’re pregnant and you see a dress with ruching, snatch it up. Pregnant ladies never regret ruching, that’s for sure.


Loose, Flowy Fits Always Win  

Having said all that, while showing off your pregnancy curves might sound good now, when you’re two hours into a wedding, and discomfort is starting to settle in, you’ll likely appreciate a looser, more flowy style dress. This doesn’t have to mean seeking out something that makes it look like you’re wearing a potato sack, but a stylish sheath dress, maxi dress, wrap dress, or even something A-line will help give you a little more room to breathe throughout your evening.

navy floral
Empire Waists Are Your New Best Friend

If you do decide that the loose and flowing style is better suited for you, we have one style consideration we suggest to all the blossoming mamas out there, and it’s this…

While it might seem like your entire body is expanding by the second, your waist tends to be the one constant that you can rely on to remain fairly stable in size, at least relative to the rest of your body. Because of this, the empire waist tends to be one of the most preferred style elements for pregnant mamas. Not only will it define the smallest part of your body, it also helps accentuate your bump in the most adorable way. Oh yes, rock that bump with confidence for the ultimate boost to your style.

If you’re on the hunt for flattering empire waist styles, all of our maternity wrap dresses that we’re so well known for have that figure flattering empire waist. Feel free to check out the full range here, and we have no doubts you’ll be able to pick up something that speaks to you.

Feminine Detailing Always Reigns Supreme

With regards to sizing, we provided you with two options: tight with stretch and ruching for a curve hugging style, or loose with an empire waist to help define your figure. Whatever your preference, we know you’ll be gorgeous in either fit. But what about actual style, you might be wondering? While fit and silhouette are certainly important, what if you’re struggling with how to style your dress while pregnant?

Well, if you’ve found yourself in this pickle, you’ll be happy to know the solution is rather simple: stay true to your own personal style. Your body may be changing, but it doesn’t mean your style has to as well.

Having said that, we’ve found that feminine, natural style tends to be particularly flattering on expectant mothers. Floral prints, lace, and soft colour palettes all come highly recommended in the world of maternity fashion. Keep your makeup soft and natural, and add some romantic waves to your hair for an ultra-feminine look.

And voila! You’ve achieved a look that’s both comfortable and perfectly stylish for a wedding.

So go ahead, ladies, get all dolled up with your pregnant glow, and you’ll be taking people’s breath away. We just know it.



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