Fussy Toddlers – How To Change A Toddler That Won’t Stay Still

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When your darling little baby begins to walk, that’s where the real fun begins. Nappy changes become a whole lot more of a challenge. They can often become little Houdini’s once they hear the words ‘nappy’ or see you with one. One minute you see them the next you don’t!

Want to get a toddler to do something? Ask them to do the opposite! At least that’s how it feels a lot of the time. Between about 18 months and 3 years of age, toddlers are VERY busy little beings.

Unique, fascinating and often frustrating, toddlers are busy discovering and testing the boundaries, learning every step of the way. For parents this phase can result in tantrums, fussing and lots of ‘NO’s. Unable to sit still, they are so inquisitive about the world and eager to know everything.

A toddler who’s always on the go can be a good thing, as they tend to have better coordination, concentration, memory and perception as they grow older. Toddlers that are always on the go generally eat well too because they’re burning up so much energy, and sleep because they’re worn out!

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Read these tips for changing a toddler that won’t stay still:

Stand Up Changes

Nappy Pants are perfect for toddlers because you don’t need them to come to you or to the change table, you don’t need to lay them down and it doesn’t take very long. If it’s only a wet one, you can change them standing up wherever they are. You won’t interrupt their play time or whatever they’re engaged in and with no tabs to struggle with makes an easy-on easy-off nappy. You’ll have replaced their wet nappy with a dry one before you know it.

Make a Deal

Toddlers love negotiating. Though it might seem like they say no to everything, if you can find their achilles heel – something that they LOVE to do– you’ll be able to negotiate a way into changing their nappy.

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A Big Girl/Boy

Toddlers love nothing more than an older child. Whether it’s older siblings, your neighbour or cousins, all they want to do is be like the ‘big kids’. Use this to your advantage, telling them that the older kids used Nappy Pants to practice before wearing underwear, and encourage them to pull their own nappy pants up like a ‘big kid’. They’ll want so much to be like the big kids it just might work.


Reverse Psychology

They’re a lot smarter than often we give them credit for. Old enough to understand exactly what’s going on, but still young enough that we have to do most things for them they can be fiercely independent one minute and lovingly needy the next. When it comes to nappy change time, tell them it’s yucky to have a wet nappy on and that a dry, clean nappy is much better. It may not work every time but it will work sometimes.small Babylove_L_Wriggler_Baby_0887

Potty Training

While you may be a while away from potty training, Nappy Pants are the first step towards encouraging your toddler to pull up their own pants. For older toddlers, it’s all about learning to take them off when they’re wet, which will help immensely when learning to potty train, as they begin to understand when the nappy is wet, and when they need to go. You may even get lucky and have a toddler who takes it off themselves when it’s wet (as long as they replace it with a dry one!)

It’s a tricky, fascinating wonderful phase that seems like it will never end when you’re in it, but one you’ll soon long for it when it’s over.

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