Bump Style: Striped Dress

Being pregnant can be tricky when it comes to fashion, and you don’t want to compromise your own sense of style for the bump. But you don’t want to spend a fortune either, and it can be difficult to find stylish and affordable clothes you like wearing.

One of the most comfortable items you’ll wear in your pregnancy (apart from your PJs) will be most likely be a dress. One that is comfortable, matches with so many outfits and can be worn to almost any occasion, it will be your ‘go-to’ outfit.

A striped dress is one of those pieces that you can wear with sneakers, slides or heels, with a cardigan, leather or denim jacket or just on it’s own. It looks fabulous on everyone, is flattering for a pregnant mama to-be and is such a great outfit you can wear time and time again.

Check out some of these stylish mamas in their striped dresses, including Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Kourtney Kardashian and Tiffani Thiessen and Shop The Look below for some of the best Striped Maternity Dress styles from just $20.

striped not so

striped dress beach

striped dress

stripe kourtn

zoe striped dress


striped olivia

isabella stripes

striped dress

leanne stripes

striped long sleeve

mila-kunis-striped-dress          stripe kourn

Shop The Look

Check out some of the best Striped Maternity Dress styles from just $20.

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