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Breastfeeding doesn’t come easily for many Mamas. For some it’s a natural and seamless journey into motherhood, yet for other’s it can be an emotional roller-coaster and a heartbreaking dose of reality that no Mama wants.

Whether it’s having a slow flow or a shorter milk supply, breastfeeding can certainly be a daily struggle for some Mamas. Frustratingly, there is usually no explanation for a slow milk flow, which could mean your baby is feeding for hours on end and still not getting enough milk. Likewise, a shorter milk supply can be challenging too, with Mamas doing everything they can (like pumping) to ensure their bub gets enough milk.

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Every mother wants what’s best for her bub, but we also need to sleep, rest, have some downtime and not breastfeed around the clock. The saddest part is that many women give up breastfeeding altogether, feeling like they have failed their baby and often suffering post-natal depression as a result.

Lactation cookies have risen in popularity in recent years, with the ingredients working in a number of different ways to help mamas boost and maintain their milk supply.


After getting the flu when her second daughter was just three months old, Mama of two Rebecca Tischler suffered a low milk supply. Frustrated and feeling helpless, she decided to do some research. Rebecca found various lactation cookies available on the market, but they were expensive and often full of added ingredients that weren’t healthy.

“I wanted to buy some lactation cookies as soon as possible to help build my milk supply, but with every website I visited I could see the cost increasing and increasing. As a stay-at-home-mum I couldn’t afford to be purchasing such expensive things, so I put my baker’s hat on and started baking my own,” Rebecca says.

“Milky Goodness is a company I am proud to call my own, because I KNOW the importance of breastfeeding and the struggles that can come with it.”

After some local mamas heard about Rebecca’s new-found passion for baking lactation cookies, they purchased her surplus supply and the demand increased. And kept increasing! Her business Milky Goodness was born.

Why Milky Goodness?

What makes Milky Goodness lactation cookies and granola so special is that they contain galactagogues – substances that promote lactation in humans and animals. Galactagogues can be found in various herbs and foods. The brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, flaxseed meal and whole oats in lactation cookies are what specifically help with a lactating mother’s milk supply:

  • Brewer’s yeast, most commonly used in the production of beer, contains Iron, Protein, Vitamin B, Chromium, Selenium and various other minerals. Not only does it promote milk supply, it is believed to help with fatigue and the “baby blues.”
  • Wheat germ is beneficial because it contains Zinc, essential for breastfeeding. Zinc helps the immune system and even helps to protect cracked nipples, a common occurrence in breastfeeding.
  • Oats are another must-eat for breastfeeding mamas – high in Fibre and full of Iron, Protein and complex Carbohydrates.  Iron is so important too as low levels of iron in the body can actually reduce breastmilk supply.
  • Flaxseed has good fats and enzymes, which are important for increasing the content of breast milk.

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Milky Goodness lactation cookies make a great snack you can eat during the day, as well as when you get the munchies at nighttime – especially those 3am feeds when you need a little something to help you get through the feed, then get back to sleep! Breastfeeding makes you hungry, and Milky Goodness make the perfect snack.

The Milky Goodness range includes white chocolate chip and macadamia, chocolate chip, dark chocolate chip, mixed flavour bags and customised cookies. The newest addition is the lactation granola muesli – nutritious, healthy and perfect for breakfast every morning. The ‘Berry Nice’ Lactation Granola is one of the first lactation products on the market that is refined sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

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My sister has been eating the Milky Goodness lactation cookies and granola since her first baby boy was born four weeks ago. She loves the cookies and calls the granola “absolutely delicious”, so much so that she ate it throughout the day. Baby boy is doing well and growing at a healthy rate, no doubt in part to his Mama’s healthy milk supply!

And the best part? ANYONE can eat the Milky Goodness range – your other children, and Dad too, as they’re high in nutrients that everybody needs.


Check out the whole range at


To celebrate the launch of Milky Goodness we are giving one lucky Mama the chance to WIN a packet of Milky Goodness lactation cookies and a packet of Granola. Follow Milky Goodness on Instagram and follow Stylish Bump to enter. Good luck!

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