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Living in urban Melbourne the scooter has become a necessity for pre-school and young school-aged kids. And when it comes to scooters, there’s no better than the original Micro, with their quality Swiss design and simple philosophy of safety, child development, durability and fun.

In fact, right around the suburbs you can see kids of all ages scooting to and from school, up and down quiet roads on the weekends and around the pathways in the parks. Scooters are even replacing the humble skateboard at skateparks everywhere.

It’s been loads of fun for my two oldest girls Sasha 5 and Ava 6 to find new and fun places to scoot. As well as being fun, it helps them learn skills such as balance, coordination and motor skills, and encourages them to go outside and get some exercise.


I put my toddler Marnie on the back of my bicycle or in her stroller, then spend Sunday mornings exploring areas around our community, finding new and exciting places to scoot (with hopefully a cafe nearby!)

At this age, their favourite places to scoot are all close to home, and we’ve discovered a variety of pathways leading to playgrounds, as well as back streets to both Kinder and School that are all well-maintained, relatively flat paths they can feel confident and have fun with.

Their Favourite Place To Scoot at the moment is the large and diverse All Nations Park in Northcote. Surrounded by lovely big gum trees and lots of green grass, the 13 hectare regional park sits on an elevated site, so has small and large hills with a steady climb to the top of the hill to a panoramic view of the Melbourne City Skyline.




The park has several bridges to scoot across, a large duck pond leading to a small creek and passes two playgrounds and an outdoor exercise area.

The ramps up and over the bridges are the girls’ favourite part, and they love saying hello to the ducks as they scoot by the lake over the bridge.

Easily manoeuvred by little bodies, Micro scooters are great for busy paths and parks, as the girls can easily stop with the foot-brake, turn or scoot away (from dogs!) if they need to. If a hill is too steep I can easily carry it over my shoulder, or hook it onto the stroller.




There are many other unique features of All Nations Park including an ANZAC Memorial, designated dog park which is full of dogs big and small, the lake and performance area, olive grove, contemporary Indigenous gardens, skate park and seasonal arts projects.

We haven’t tackled the skate park yet, as it’s usually full of ‘big kids’ and the girls are still a bit intimidated to join them, but it won’t be long before they’ll be there too.

The pathways are two metres wide so there’s plenty of room to scoot and allow people to pass by, with all the paths well-maintained (no cracks or potholes to fall into) and accessible from various entrances around the grounds.

There’s even a cafe so I can get myself a coffee while they scoot around!



We love that it’s a green, wide open space that the whole community can use together, and the girls will often stop on their scooters to pat a dog, play on the swings and slide or watch the ducks in the pond.

There are new toilets at the park too that are well maintained so we can spend the morning there with morning tea without having to leave to find a toilet for a ‘busting’ pre-schooler!


It’s only a matter of time before little Marnie, 2, gets her scooter licence too, and tries to keep up with her big sisters!

Scooters are great for little ones and I’m a big advocate for having scooters as well as bicycles. Using different skillsets to ride both, riding a bike and a scooter compliments each other in the way they teach children balance, agility, confidence and decision-making skills.

For busy footpaths on the way to School and Kinder the Micro Scooters are so easy for the girls to ride, allowing them to navigate busy morning traffic on the footpaths and backstreets on the ‘school run’, stopping and starting easily to avoid dogs, prams and lots of kids and parents on the way.img_6817

Once the girls get a bit older and don’t tire so easily there are lots of other places we can’t wait to scoot, all close to our neighbourhood with paths perfect for scooting, including:

– Fairfield Boathouse
– Royal Park Nature Playground, Parkville
– Yarra Trail to the Zoo

Photo: Sasha, 5 (left) rides the red Maxi Micro and Ava, 6 (right) rides the pink Mini Micro.


With a great range of colours, styles and accessories, nothing beats Micro scooters. Check out the whole range of Micro Scooters at


Wherever you are in Australia, if you’ve got a scooter you’ll have a favourite place to scoot and MICRO want to hear about it. Micro are making an interactive map of the best places to scoot in Australia and New Zealand and want you to be a part of it!

For your chance to WIN a brand new Micro scooter for your child, enter online at Micro’s website or tag #bestplacestoscoot on your Facebook or Instagram post and tag Micro using a great pic with the name of your favourite place and why.

The winning entry will have a great photo of your favourite place to scoot and a description that makes us want to scoot there! Entries close midnight 23 March, 2017.





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