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Nappy bags are an essential for parenthood I reckon – it’s surprising how much your tiny little bundle of joy needs whenever you leave the house. Baby wipes, loads of nappies, powder/creams, bibs, bottles, rusks, change of clothes, spare socks, rattle, tissues, teethers… and that’s just the baby! You also need to take your own essentials – wallet, keys, mobile phone, etc.

You need a big bag!

A baby bag that looks great but is also functional is essential for a stylish mum. And luckily these days there are some gorgeous bags that don’t look like ‘nappy bags’ – meaning you can use them whether baby is with you or not, and long after your baby grows out of the baby stage. Which is a good thing because they really are an investment.

It might not surprise you, but I have more than a few nappy bags after having three babies, and still use them all. And more often than not these days I’ll use two at a time. If we’re going out for the day I’ll take spare changes of clothes, a jacket, snacks, lunch, water bottles, fruit, jackets, sunhats, woolen hats, suncream and so on. For a baby, a 3 year old and a 4 year old, it adds up to a lot of stuff! Especially in the climate I live in.

Apart from looking great, your baby bag needs to suit you and your lifestyle – look for one that has a change mat, lots of pockets and compartments, a longer strap to hang over the pram or your shoulder, and one that’s not too heavy. By the time you fill it with baby’s stuff it will be heavy enough!

These are my favourite ‘baby bags':

Claudine and Ash – The Havana

The newest addition to the family, this is nothing like a baby bag. Perfect! I didn’t want another enormous baby bag to carry half my house in, but a bag that I could use both as a nappy bag AND a gorgeous handbag: this is it. The leather is so deliciously soft and smooth, and the textured design so stylish, I just love it. And it’s surprisingly light! I have The Havana, and get comments on it all the time. It has two big compartments inside: one side I use for nappies and the change mat it comes with, the other side I use for wipes and tissues and leave the middle section for my essentials. The top double zip is really easy to open with one hand – a mum essential – and the matching leather pouch is great for storing other bits and pieces in for easy access (I put my facial wipes, barrier cream, paw paw cream and essential oils in here for safe storage). The bottle holders at each end are great for sippy cups and my water bottle, and the rose gold detailing make it very stylish indeed. A bag you’ll have for a long, long time.
claudine and ashIMG_1041

claudine and ashIMG_1042

claudine and ash IMG_1065

claudine and ash official

You can check out the full range at Claudine and Ash


Carmelina Bags

I hadn’t heard of Carmelina Bags ’til recently, but love the look and design of these bags. They look like a regular handbag because of the slimline design, but are HUGE inside. This bag fits a deceptive amount of things in it – and I find that so handy, particularly when you have more than one child. I have the ‘Scarlet Black’ in patent PU with tan straps, which makes for a bit of a dressier ‘baby bag’. (I saw a photo of Dannii Minogue with her patent baby bag and have loved them ever since.)

Carmelina Bags come with a change mat, baby travel blanket (great idea!), zipped waterproof wet bag, multiple compartments and zips on the inside and outside, as well as two handy insulated pockets for bottles or drinks – such a great idea having two!

I love that the change mat fits into it’s own zip pocket on the outside – easy to access when you only have one hand! You can also buy a separate wet wipes case in matching patent which is much nicer than a branded packet of wipes. And the best part about these bags? The outside smaller pocket zips off so you can use it as a separate clutch. Two bags for the price of one! It’s really a great all round bag that will last me a long time, I love it.

carmelinaIMG_1049  carmelina IMG_1067


carmelina official

SPECIAL OFFER: Carmelina Bags are giving 10% off their full collection of baby bags. Head to their website and enter the code ‘StylishBumpLove’.

Storksak – Elizabeth

This brand has been around for a while and they have such a huge range of baby bags, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Loved by Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Naomi Watts to name a few, these bags are so gorgeous and functional, no wonder they win so many design awards.

As I’m all about style and function, my favourite is the ‘Elizabeth’ bag. It actually looks like a stylish handbag, and I will eventually use this for work, as well as a baby bag. It comfortably fits my iPad as well as a few nappies, wipes and other baby essentials, plus my own things while still keeping that gorgeous shape. I love the look of the antique gold hardware, and the quality of the leather. It comes with all the essentials like insulated bottle holder, change mat and vanity case that you can remove when it’s not in ‘baby’ mode. This bag even won a design award, so I had to have it. Storksak have the biggest range of baby bags I’ve seen, so if you can’t find a bag you like, you’re just too fussy!
storksak IMG_1048

storksak IMG_1046
storksak MG_1047

storksak official

SPECIAL OFFER: Until the end of June Storksak are giving 10% off their full collection of baby bags to Stylish Bump readers. Head to and enter the code ‘BUMP10′ to redeem the discount.

Babymel – Cara

These bags are fun and work well with babies, toddlers and children because they do not look like baby bags or handbags – even hubby can, and does, carry my Babymel quite happily. I have the Cara, a blue and white striped canvas bag with tan leather detail. (What would a Stylish Bump review be without some stripes in there?) I actually got this one for hubby for when he takes the girls out without me. He loathes carrying a nappy bag anyway, but this one looks more like a satchel, and as it’s canvas with stripes he doesn’t mind carrying it. It opens up inside to fit a heap of stuff in it, and comes with a change mat and insulated bottle holder that I can actually fit two sippy cups in. A great family bag.

baby mel IMG_1057
baby mel denIMG_1063babymel official

SPECIAL OFFER: Until the end of June Babymel are giving 10% off their full collection of baby bags to Stylish Bump readers. Head to and enter the code ‘BUMP10′ to redeem the discount.

ilTutto – Chiara and Lola

This was the first baby bag I fell in love with and had to have. My friend had one and after I saw a photo of Cate Blanchett carrying one, I HAD to have it! ilTutto bags are so stylish, but also very practical. They all come with an insulated bottle holder, change mat, zip bag for wipes, lots of compartments on the inside, as well as a big side pocket with zip for those things you need easy access to, like mobile phone and keys. It attaches easily to the pram with side loops that clip on, as well as a long shoulder strap and two shorter straps. It’s leather on the outside and the inner lining unzips easily for washing. I bought it because it looks gorgeous, fits everything I need in it – even a laptop or iPad – and though it’s large it still looks like a handbag, not a ‘baby bag’.

I also have the ‘Lola’ tote which is a fantastic bag – it stores so much, it’s really deceptive how large it is inside. It’s leather look PU so easy to keep clean and isn’t as heavy as the leather ‘Chiara’, but has just as many pockets and compartments and is equally as gorgeous. It also comes with all the essentials, and has two handy zip pockets on the outside.

chiara nappy bag

ilTutto ‘Chiara’ bag

iltutto lola tote

nappy bag

ilTutto are always updating their range, so check them out at ilTutto

I hope this has helped you make the (tough) decision on buying a baby bag. Which baby bag do you have? Why do you love it?


  • Julie Masters
    March 2, 2016

    Hi – I’m trying to buy a Carmelino bag, but they seem to have shut down. Do you know anywhere I can purchase?

    • Adrienne
      March 3, 2016

      Hi Julie,
      I just realised that recently myself, no I don’t know I’m afraid. Are you open to other nappy bag suggestions? Adrienne x

  • Petrice
    June 4, 2016

    Hello! Great post :) just went to purchase a Carmelino bag also and noticed that they have shut down. I’d love to hear some other new alternatives if you have any advice? We’re having twins, so a bigger bag would be great :) Thankyou! xx

    • Sofia Gemma
      June 9, 2016

      I’m Selling mine on GumTree used once

  • Kym
    July 24, 2016

    I’m looking at the Claudine & Ash bags at the moment and love the Havana one. Would you say it’s a true grey or is it more of a taupe?

    • Adrienne
      July 26, 2016

      Hi Kym,
      Yes I would call the colour taupe. It’s a beautiful bag.

      A. x

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