With my girls Sasha, Marnie and Ava

I’m a Mama of three girls, Ava 8, Sasha 6 and Marnie 4 (going on 14!) By day I’m an ex-Journo working in PR and Digital Marketing, but after having three babes in quick succession and picking up lots of great tips on pregnancy, parenting and babies I wanted to find a forum in which to share, so did what everyone does these days and started a blog!

I started Stylish Bump on Instagram during my most recent pregnancy with Marnie. Put simply I couldn’t find a page dedicated to what Mamas to-be wore when they were pregnant. I wanted a social media ‘magazine’ that would show me what people wore, where I could buy it, how to style my nursery and so on… then I became MORE obsessed with information. How do people manage work and babies? How do you get your baby to sleep? What can I eat when I’m pregnant? Why am I so tired waaahhhhh!? I couldn’t find one, so I started one!

Anyhoo… hope Stylish Bump gives you some inspiration for your baby’s room, what to wear when you’re pregnant, post baby and beyond and you find some helpful hints and tips along the way. Thanks for stopping by and I love hearing your stories and seeing your pics, so please keep on sharing.

And hang in there, you’re doing great.

Adrienne x

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