6 Tips For Changing An Active Baby

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So much happens to your baby in the first year of life. From birth they develop at a rapid rate, and it’s not just their body that’s doing all the growing. From a fully dependent, tiny human being with few social interactions at birth, by six months of age they are a completely different baby.

Not only are they double the size and more sociable, they are visually attracted to everything with an insatiable appetite for whatever they can see and hear going on. One of the main differences is, they are more active.

Being active plays an important part in a baby’s development, so it should be encouraged. In fact, movement is the key to learning for babies, helping them to learn and grow. Babies that are active tend to be better eaters because they’re using up so much energy, and better sleepers, for the same reason.

You WANT to have an active baby. Just not at nappy change time!

During this phase active babies love nothing more than to explore, so when it comes to nappy changes the last thing they want to do is stay still. If you’ve ever battled with a wriggly baby on the change table while you’re trying change them you’ll know how tricky it can be. An active baby will refuse to lay still, making it difficult to change them and unsafe on the change table too.

small Babylove_L_nappy_changing_1332Nappy Pants are IDEAL for wriggly and active bubs, because they’re super easy to slide on and off with no tabs to struggle with, and simply wiggle on a new one.

Here’s 6 tips to help you change your active baby’s nappy:

Change Location

If you change their nappy in the same place every day, like the change table in their nursery, why not change the place? Set up a nappy change area in another part of the house to keep them entertained and distracted for a few minutes; put a towel on your bed, the floor in the living area or the couch. The new environment will distract them and they won’t pre-empt nappy change time by disappearing when they see you’re headed for the change table.

Distract Them

If you’re a wriggly baby ready to explore the world the last thing you want to do is lay still on your back. Have something fun and visual near the changing area for them to look at, like a fun colourful mobile or wall decals you can change and replace as they get older. If you have a soft cloth book you could give it to them to look at for a few precious minutes.

Keep Warm

Babies hate being cold, so make sure you don’t change their whole outfit when you change their nappy. If they’re cold it will only make them more uncomfortable making them wriggle and kick more. For babies that hate being cold and having their clothing off, you can use a warm facecloth to wipe their bottom instead of a cold wet wipe. Have you felt those things? They are SUPER cold, especially on your bottom.

small Babylove_L_Wriggler_Baby_0944

Keep Calm

Try not to get angry or upset. Babies are little for such a short amount of time, this is just another phase they’re going through. When you get upset, your baby senses it in your facial expressions, your voice, and by the way you handle them trying to rush to get it over with quickly. This will only get them more agitated and even more wriggly. Take a deep breath and reassure your baby, tell them “I understand you don’t like this, Mummy will just be a few more seconds. I’m wiping your bottom, I’m putting your pants back on…” Even if they don’t understand what you’re saying, your calm and gentle voice will send the right message.

Playtime Afterwards

Tell them you’re going to do something fun after the nappy change, like play a game, go to the playground, have a snack or go outside – choose something they love so they look forward to it. Babies are surprisingly perceptive at this age between 6 and 9 months when their whole world opens up, so use it to your advantage and get them excited about what’s to come.

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Connect With Them

Make eye contact, smile and sing to them – babies love you and your voice so make it a time to connect with them, so they trust you and know it’s a time for love with Mummy or Daddy, not time to escape.

Nappy Pants are the easy option for this age group when they start to roll, wriggle and crawl all by themselves and staying still for nappy changes is simply not an option.

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